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Facebook teste les statuts et les commentaires éphémères
Facebook teste une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui permet aux utilisateurs de choisir la durée de partage d'un statut ou d'un commentaire, en définissant un délai d'expiration.

Emily Turrettini pour Le Huffington Post.

A Radar Gun that Catches Driver Texting Is in Development
a-radar-gunlike-that-catches-driver-texting-is-in-development-86650-7.jpg ComSonics, a Virginia-based company, is developing a radar gun-like device with which police officers will be able to detect drivers who are texting. The gadget uses the telltale radio frequencies that emit from a vehicle when someone inside is using a cellphone. [via Autoevolution]

quotemarksright.jpgAccording to Malcolm McIntyre of ComicSonics, the technology of the new radar is similar to what cable repairmen use to find where a cable is damaged, from a rodent, for instance. They basically look for frequencies leaking in a transmission, McIntyre said.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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(3D) Print the Legend - a Netflix documentary

Print the Legend, the newest Netflix Original Documentary, on 3D Printing. A story of innovation and technology, of controversy and change. Watch the trailer above.

The Good Drone

Star Wars Ordered a 'DroneShield' to Prevent Leaks On Set
imgres.jpgOver the last couple of weeks, people have been flying drones over Pinewood Studios, where Star Wars Episode VII is being filmed. That made waves last week, but, perhaps most interestingly, the studio ordered a "DroneShield" back in June anticipating the drone problem.

According to the company, a DroneShield can "provide advanced warning of helicopters and drones commonly used by paparazzi and media. Alerts are sent by email or SMS and can be linked to alarm and security response teams and data collected is preserved for subsequent legal proceedings."

[via motherboard]

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