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[2001 Highs & Lows]
The Year in Review

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The Highs:
E-Mail turns 30
Thirty years ago, Ray Tomlinson, an unassuming computer scientist at Bolt, Beranek & Newman, an engineering firm in Cambridge, Mass., sat down at his computer and wrote a relatively simple computer program that enabled electronic messages to travel from one computer to another. NY Times

The Lows:
A plague of viruses
The unprecedented number and variety of viruses unleashed online and targeted at Microsoft's Outlook this year have turned e-mail sorting into a tedious chore. And things could get worse. According to a report by Message Labs, the Internet will become unusable by 2008 because of infected mail. Believe it. The Register.

A solution? That businesses switch to server software other than Microsoft's IIS until the company completely rewrites the program from the ground up. Wired

The US Government gets involved saying it wants software companies to do more to combat computer viruses. Ananova

For a list of the most prevelant e-mail viruses this year, go to n/e/tsurf's Latest Virus page.

Stats' 2001
International Data Corp. estimated last year that the average daily volume of e-mail around the world was around 10 billion. Nando Times
According to a Gartner survey, employees spend an average of 49 minutes a day managing e-mail.

New research suggests 28 percent of all business email is spam. The report found employees typically spend around 10 minutes a day removing spam from their inboxes. Ananova

Over a third of all men surveyed admitted to spending more than 40 minutes of each working day flirting or gossiping via email. (ZDNet)

Around 60 percent of computer users have sent embarrassing or incriminating e-mails to the wrong person by mistake. (Ananova)

America Online estimates that 30 percent of the e-mails going to its subscribers are unsolicited ads. Nando Times

7 percent of Fortune 500 companies have battled sexual harassment claims stemming from employee misuse of e-mail and Internet systems. The Nando Times

A First:
Pope John Paul II conveyed a message to churches around the world, for the first time by E-Mail, apologising to victims of sexual abuse by priests and other clergy.  CNN 

On the Strange Side:
A Pennsylvania software engineer made headlines when an e-mail he sent to Saddam Hussein actually got a response.  ABCNews 

In the footage released by the US goverment of the dead Chinese fighter pilot Wang Wei who flew incredibly close to the US plane, it turns out he was he holding up and pointing to a piece of paper that had his email address scrawled on it . BBC footage / The Register

Surveys 2001
A survey carried out by MSN has found some shocking lapses of etiquette in the e-mail messages that people under-25 are sending such as :

— Signing most e-mails with love and kisses - even when addressing their boss

— Not carrying about punctuation, grammar or style  

— Considering an e-mail thank you note as acceptable as a paper one. BBC 

Internet and e-mail users have rediscovered an older human pleasure, meeting face 2 face as e-mailing has become more of a chore than pleasure. The Guardian

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