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[2001 Highs & Lows]
The Year in Review

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The Press
The press online was hit hard this year by a sharp decline in advertising revenues. Newspapers laid off and cut back. Some closed, leaving the online world an emptier, duller place.

The Highs:
The Internet War
As World War Two was radio's finest hour, the Vietnam war considered to be the living room war and the Gulf War turned CNN into a household word, the war in Afghanistan can be considered the first Internet War. Traffic doubled on news sites as people turned online for the latest headlines and videos and the web medium gave others a forum for expressing their views and publishing their life experiences. More than the articles and editorials written by professional journalists, it was the diaries and the message boards that raised awareness to what it was like on September 11 and the plight of the Afghan people. (Analysis heard on CNN TV)

Most e-mailed content
Yahoo News, on a lark, created a new feature to track the most popular news articles that people pass around via e-mail. Yahoo News ! Most e-mailed content was an immediated success. 

Rebuilding Wall Street
In the aftermath of the attacks on the WTC, Dow Jones and Company launched a weekly free newsletter called Rebuilding Wall Street 

The Lows:
The closing of the Industry Standard
The Industry Standard went out of business in September, selling the subscriber lists and other assets of its once-thriving technology magazine for $1.4 million in a court-supervised auction. WSJ / Goodbye - Jonathan Weber Editor in Chief The Industry Standard

Was the Industry Standard's demise a classic morality tale of Internet arrogance? Or is it the story of high-quality journalism falling prey to panic in an economic downturn? Perhaps both are true. WashTech.

Feed and Suck close
Sadly, in June, Feed and Suck closed. cf Salon.

Davenetics became NextDraft
Dave Pell shifted the focus of his excellent daily newsletter from technology to world events and regrettably for his tech fans, Davenetics became NextDraft

Adopting a pay-for model
Salon, facing sharply lower advertising revenues and increased costs for gathering news, started charging this year for it's news and political coverage. Salon.

The bare truth
MSNBC launched Sexploration, astute answers to emotional or sexual crisis online and a Canadian website, launched earlier this year, features nude anchormen and women.

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