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Strange Online
Each year the Internet gets it's fair share of bizarre happenings. And this year was no exception.

Tourist Guy
If anything can be considered a diversion to the trajic events of September 11, well then it must be the "Tourist Guy," or "Tourist of Death". He brought about two months of rampant speculation over the identity of the man in a black cap and sunglasses standing on top of one of the World Trade Center towers, while a plane crashed into the tower behind him. Wired 

Bert and Bin Laden
The image of Bert from Sesame Street ended up next to bin Laden on protestors posters in places as far away as Bangladesh. Part of the mystery was traced to California. A San Francisco artist, Dino Ignacio, started a conspiratorial spoof site in 1998 called "Bert is Evil," in which Bert is inserted into famous historical photos. Ignacio put a statement on his site, denying he was the creator of the Bert and bin Laden image. DigitalMass Boston / More explanations

Steve Balmer's Two Step
A video of Steve Balmer, Microsoft's President, rallying his troops in an ape-like fashion, went around the web like wildfire. Steve Balmer Dance

All Your Bases Are Belong to Us
"All Your Base Are Belong to Us", an odd phrase which turned on an Internet frenzy this year. Where did it come from? It's simply the bad English translation of the introduction in a Japanese video game called Zero Wing. cf All Your Base Are Belong to Us Links

Twins sold over the Internet
The British government was in an uproar over UK Twins sold twice over the Internet. The Guardian

The most offbeat item for sale on the Internet this year, was of people putting their lives up for sale. cf Allmylifeforsale and Michael Mandiberg

The "W" in George W Bush
As a wacky welcome for President George W. Bush, pranksters within President Clinton's departing administration, removed the "W" keys from all the keyboards. Tech TV.

It all depends on your mood
A trend this year in evaluating web sites was "Intuitive mood marketing". Thanks to a UK company whose software combines psychological techniques with the Bayesian pattern-recognition technology. The Industry Standard

Surveys 2001
A new form of work-related stress appaeared called "desk rage" spreading across America as dotcom employees were driven to the edge by collapsing share prices and unrelenting pressure at work. The Electronic Telegraph

According to a study by The Fortino Group, called e-Mergency, over exposure to the Internet causes Cyberphobia.

After "sudden wealth syndrome", followed by the "Y2K burnout/letdown", therapists this year were busy treating "post-trauma layoff syndrome".

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