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A selection of this year's facts and figures

The Highs:
The internet has taken only 7 years to penetrate a quarter of the US population, while the telephone took up to 35 years to accomplish the same feat. (Europemedia — August 23)

During the past three years, female attendance at computer security training courses run by organizations like the SANS Institute has tripled. ( — October 9)

According to figures released Wednesday by analysts at Jupiter Media Metrix, U.S. women over the age of 18 comprise 40.9 percent of all online users. Men 18 and up now compose 39.8 percent of all online users. (Washington Post— June 13)

The Internet Archive, informally called the Wayback Machine, holds more 100 terabytes and 10 billion Web pages dating to 1996, including millions that had vanished as dot-coms collapsed, big companies scaled back or updated their offering. (LA Times — October 25)

Over 7,300 copyrighted books are currently available for free via online file-sharing networks. ( — August)

The subject of one of the world's first webcams - a coffee pot in a Cambridge University computer lab - has sold on eBay for £3,350. (The Guardian — August)

In a recent survey by Pew Internet, more than 60 percent of parents reported that they checked to see which Web sites their teenagers had visited. (NY Times)

Only 3 percent of UK credit card fraud relates to the internet, according to experts. (The Guardian — June 23)

The number of US citizens who download music from the Internet now averages about 6 million every day, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. (Nua Survey — April 25 )

The Lows:
Just one person in 10 living in the world has access to the Internet. (BBC — January 29)

According to Reporters Without Borders, at least 20 countries significantly restrict Internet access (it is not known how much they monitor e-mail traffic on the Internet. (NYTimes — April 25 )

Net users' patience only lasts 12 minutes. Information overload on the Internet causes users to feel frustrated and stressed, and can even lead to Internet rage (71 percent), according to a new study by in the UK. (Nua Survey — April 17 )

The collapse of the enthusiasm for Internet companies and stocks may be infecting the Web. PC Data Online researchers reported Monday a 2 percent drop in the number of people using the Internet in January, compared with December. (PCData Online — February 10)

46 percent of technology executives do not have a formal information security policy, and 68 percent do not conduct regular analysis of security risks or track security status. (Nua Survey, November 22, 2001)

At leas 155 federal computer systems - some containing sensitive research information or personal data on Americans - were temporarily taken over by hackers last year, according to a government review. (Nando Times— April 5 )

Pew researchers estimated that the growth of the Web has slowed from 700'000 new sites a year before 2001 to about 200'000 new sites. (MSNBC November 14)

At least 200'00 Americans have a cybersex addiction, says psychologist Al Cooper of the San Jose (Calif.) Marital and Sexuality Centre. Cooper, an expert in Net sexual behavior, bases this estimate on recent national surveys he has done. (USA Today, December 12)

According to the Justice Department, in 1998, there were about 28'000 X-rated Web sites generating about $ 925 milion in annual revenue. The number of sites has grown substantially. One adult-registration service says it offers access to more than 280'000 sites. (WSJ, November 26, 2001)

9 out 10 children aged 8 to 16 have seen pornography on the internet. (Ananova, November)

19 percent of the 1,500 surveyed youths aged 10 to 17 reported getting solicited, presumably by adults. (CNN — June 19)

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