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Domain Names
A selection of this year's news facts and figures

The Highs:
« .biz » and « .info » ; In May of this year, ICANN finalized the accreditation agreements with the new .biz and .info top-level domain (TLD) registries, marking the first introduction of new global top-level domains since the mid 1980s when the current domain name system became operational. (ICANN announcement )

The official registries appointed by ICANN and started accepting applications were:

Neulevel runs the « .biz  » Registry
Affilias runs the « .info » Registry
MuseDoma runs the « .museum » Registry
Global Name Registry runs the « .name » Registry

« .com », « .net », « .org » : ICANN granted Verisign the registry rights to « .com » until 2007, « .net » until 2006 and « .org » until the end of 2002.

Alternative Domains : opened in March, allowing for the registration of alterative domains such as .shop, .mp3, .inc, .kids, .sport, .family, .chat, .video, .club, .hola, .soc, .med, .law, .travel, .game, .free, .ltd, .gmbh, .tech, and .xxx.

The Lows:
Following the September 11 attacks, many domains were registred in doubtful taste:

Related to the attacks:

Related to Bin Laden:

Related to the flights:

Related to the terrorist highjackers:

Stats' 2001
In the first 3 months following the opening of the registration for «.info», 500'000 «.info» names were registered. It took «.com» five years to reach that same figure.

70 different countries registered domains in « .info » with 50 percent coming from Europe and 40 percent from North America.

In the first weeks following the opening of the « .biz » registry, 200'000 « .biz » names were registered.

About 650,000«.info» addresses have been registered, 52,000 of them during the preregistration phase. So far, more than 760 challenges have been filed, 700 of which have been dealt with by WIPO.  (NY Times — December 6)

The following celebrities and or companies got their domains back from cybersquatters this year:

Nicole Kidman
Céline Dion
South Africa

The following celebrities did not get their names back this year:
Kevin Spacey
Bruce Springsteen

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