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Deep Blue: après les échecs le Monopoly
IBM met sa science au service des affaires
Lundi 24 mai IBM a inauguré le Deep Computing Institute, un projet dont l'objectif est de "réunir des experts de l'université et du privé pour s'attaquer à certains des problèmes les plus difficiles à résoudre qui se posent au monde des affaires et à la communauté scientifique." L'institut compte avec 120 chercheurs répartis entre New York, San Jose, Austin, Tokyo, Zurich, Haifa, Beijing et New Delhi. Lire l'article dans n/e/tsurf.

Microsoft-Linux: Le gorille et la guérilla Francis Pisani
Le 12 mai, Microsoft a publié sur son site une comparaison détaillée des mérites respectifs de Windows NT et de Linux, un système d'exploitation dont le succès repose sur sa stabilité et le libre accès à son code source. Le 21 mai, le Wall Street Journal révélait que l'entreprise de Bill Gates avait créé une équipe spéciale pour "contrecarrer un progiciel à la mode qui est passé d'être une simple gène à une véritable menace. Lire l'article dans n/e/tsurf.

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Coupures de Presse [ le 31 mai 1999 ]

Echanges de Bandeaux
MSN France échange les bandeaux
MSN France lance MSN Link Exchange en version française, service gratuit s'adressant aux entreprises présentes sur le Web. (Abondance)

L'internet, une nouvelle tribune pour les politiques
La plupart des partis politiques qui présentent une liste aux prochaines élections européennes ont ouvert un site web pour s'adresser à leurs militants mais aussi à l'ensemble des internautes. (Actual Info)

Déonthologiquement correcte
Cybertherapie est une forme de therapie épistolaire (par courrier). Le service permet d'entamer (apres acceptation du dossier) une therapie de quelques mois (6 mois en general) ou pour commencer d'avoir une simple consultation on line.

Press clippings [May 31 1999 ]

Trading Online
Currency Trading Lures Net Investors
Small investors are using the Internet to tap into the fast-moving, non-stop world of foreign exchange despite warnings from regulators about the dangers of a market meant for professionals. (WSJ)
Paid subscription required.

Nervous Week Ahead for Net IPOs
A bunch of new Net stocks are set to start trading thi week -- right after investors have gone on a major selling spree to dump their dot-com holdings. (WIred News)

Microsoftís media player to be folded into Windows
While the high-tech, recording and consumer electronics industriesseek a standard for selling secure digital music over the Web,Microsoft Corp. is plotting a course for folding its alternative into the Windows operating system. (TechWeb)

'Shoutcasting' Music On The Net

First, Web surfers got the ability to listen to music and news from the Internet. Now, a free, relatively easy-to-install program called Shoutcast gives you the power to turn your PC into a Net radio station. (

New Public Enemy album released on the Net

With the release of "There's a Poison Goin' On" through music Web site Atomic Pop, Public Enemy says it will become the first major music act to offer up an entire album for download .(Excite News)

Movies Online
Internet Movies May Be Closer Than Video Industry Would Like
It's already technically possible for those with fast Internet connections. Internet movies for the masses must still wait for a variety of technical, economic and regulatory problems to be sorted out; the best estimates see Internet movies booming in five to 10 years. (WSJ) Paid subscription required

Interactive Television
Microsoft and Dell Invest in Video
Dell Computer and Microsoft have invested in Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), a start-up company developing youth-oriented television programming for delivery over the Internet. DEN, offers six programs on its Web site, which began operating earlier this month. (NY Times)

Microsoft dictionary coming soon
Microsoft hopes its Encarta World English Dictionary, the company's first foray into book publishing, will overtake Merriam-Webster and the American Heritage Dictionary, just as its encyclopedia surpassed Britannica and World Book.(Wired News)

Internet Access
U.K. Supermarket Sells Internet Minutes
Internet access has truly become a commodity item -- you can now pick up a few minutes of access with your groceries. British supermarket chain Safeway launched a trial of Internet access points in three stores this week. (NY Times)

Latest Hack
Hackers Invade FBI and Senate Sites
Internet sites for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Senate remained inaccessible after hackers launched a series of electronic attacks against some state and federal government computers. (NY Times)

See invisible fields - and avoid them
The Micro Alert Alarm is ja matchbox-sized device that will "find what’s emitting radio or microwaves, whether in hidden locations or in plain sight." The alarm puts forth a loud (annoying) beep when radio waves stronger than the level you select are present. (MSNBC)

Doctor Ordered Offline

Calling it the first such case in California, a judge has ordered a doctor to shut down two Internet sites that sell a drug to treat baldness to people without a prescription. (NY Times)

Star Wars
Phantom MPEG Hits Net
The student, who uses Zero as his nom-de-Net, told Wired News Thursday that he and some friends came across a huge, MPEG-format digital video in their routine scouring of Net sites and forums for free content. (Wired News)

Cyberwar? The U.S. stands to lose
Newsweek reported last week that the CIA was planning to tinker with international bank accounts full of Slobodan Milosevic’s money - just another way of getting under the Yugoslav president’s skin.

Information warfare experts disagree about the feasibility of such a cyberattack. But there’s little disagreement the U.S. stands to lose much more than it might gain from firing the first volley in such an infomation war. In fact, some believe damage has already been done. (MSNBC)

An International effort to reunite families, is a joint project of the Internet Society and The Wladyslaw Poniecki Foundatio.n

It's the finalcountdown

Japan's Y2K problems could hurt U.S. firms
The trouble is secrecy about Year 2000 preparations, says an Intel executive. There's no report about fixes, he said. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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