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La Revue de Presse Francophone [ 07.09.2000 ]

Lycos VideoCenter
Lycos lance un "Videocenter"
Lycos vient d'annoncer le lancement du Lycos Videocenter, en collaboration avec la société Videoshare. Ce nouveau site permet de créer, stocker (10 Mo alloués) et partager des vidéos numérisées en ligne. Idéal pour vos films de vacances. Abondance

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English Press From Around The Web [ 07.09.2000 ]

Apple Hooligans
UK users prepare anti-Apple protest action
A band of Brit Mac users is planning to disrupt Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech at Apple Expo Paris next week, according to an email from the group mailed to just about every Mac news site on the planet.

The group's "peaceful protest" is designed to make Apple aware of how British Mac users feel about the cancellation of the British English version of the Mac OS and the Mac maker's decision to pull out of a UK Mac show in favour of Apple Expo Paris. The Register

Judge fines up to $250 million for copyright violations
A judge ruled that willfully violated copyright protections in posting music files to its online service, awarding Universal Music Group $25,000 per compact disc — a penalty that could reach much as $250 million. MSNBC

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Online shoppers will spend almost $20 billion this holiday season, according to a study released Tuesday by Gartner Group. [E-Commerce Times September 6]

Wise & Wired
The Open Diary
The first interactive diary community on the Internet. Read about the lives of thousands of people from around the world. Currently the
home to 135,585 online diaries from 76 different countries.

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