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La Revue de Presse Francophone [ 13.09.2000 ]

L'Excellence du Web Francophone
Les Chroniques de Cybérie
[...] Selon Inter@ctive Week, les jeunes sociétés de la nouvelle économie seraient un terrain propice au harcèlement sexuel. Les Chroniques de Cybérie par Jean-Pierre Cloutier.

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English Press From Around The Web [ 13.09.2000 ]

The Internet Workforce
Net Workforce Compensation Study
Get the lowdown on the good life with The Standard's first-ever review of salaries, benefits, perks and job satisfaction in the Internet workplace. The Industry Standard

Domain Names
Dot-Com Names Are Risky Business
Many dot-coms use wacky company names so they can stand out from the crowd. But is a bizarre brand name really good for business? Landing even unremarkable names means wading through legal, trademark and linguistic issues. The founders of, a soon-to- be-launched Central and Eastern European Web portal, discovered to their horror that while kookee is gibberish in most Eastern and Central European languages, in Hungary the word is a homonym for small male genitalia. WSJ Paid subscription required.

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Cahners In-Stat Group estimates the number of wireless messages sent per month will reach 244 billion by the end of 2004, up from 3 billion per month last year. [The NY Times — September 13]

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Memory Test
The following brief memory test will show you how the brain's method of storing information in categories can lead to what are known as 'false memories' (referenced on

Chris Hiers
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