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Coupures de Presse [ le 25 septembre 2000 ]

Articles à la "Une" :

Vint Cerf nommé expert
Objets nazis sur Yahoo! : les experts sont nommés
Dans l'affaire qui oppose Yahoo! à la justice française au sujet des objets nazis disponibles sur le site de vente aux enchères du portail américain, les trois experts chargés de trouver une solution technique de filtrage de ces données auprès des internautes français ont été nommés. L'un d'eutre eux est Vint Cerf [...] (Abondance)

Tout en une page
Plusieurs pages Web réunies sur une seule: cela s'appelle méta-browsing et vous aide à économiser du temps. Un article de Bruno Giussani.

E-Commerce, un site marchand où vous fixez les prix !
Reposant sur un processus d'appel d'offres, laisse aux internautes le soin de déterminer le prix de leurs achats. (

L'Internet pour les enfants hospitalisés
Internet entre à l'hôpital
Le Doernbecher Children Hospital, dans l'Oregon, vient d'installer des ordinateurs connectés à Internet dans les chambres de ses patients. Les enfants atteint du cancer pourront ainsi garder contact avec leurs parents et amis sans quitter l'hôpital. (Les News Net)

Press clippings [ September 25 2000 ]

Featured Articles :

Wireless Future
Motorola, Palm ally on 'smart phone'
Motorola Inc. and Palm Inc. are teaming up to develop a ``smart phone'' for early 2002 release that will serve as a wireless Internet device, phone and personal organizer. (SiliconValley. com)

Verizon Unveils Upgrade Plan For Cellular-Phone Subscribers
Verizon Wireless plans to announce a marketing strategy that will let users upgrade their cellular phones every two years, a move aimed at bolstering customer loyalty in the wireless industry. (WSJ) Paid subscription required.

The New New Economy
Drenched in Cash
Some European companies are swimming in money. They're starting to spend it -- on each other. By Bruno Giussani for the Industry Standard.

Some major universities reject ban on Napster
A handful of prominent universities have decided not to restrict access to Napster, rejecting a request from legal counsel for the rock band Metallica and rap star Dr. Dre. (CNN)

Web research centre set to open
A research centre to examine the impact of new technology is to be opened before the end of this year. (BBC)

US.Gov Gun Prevention
Clinton: Gun-license system on ATF Web site
Aiming to keep guns out of ``the wrong hands,'' President Clinton unveiled on Saturday an online system intended to block minors and criminals from using fraudulent firearms licenses to buy guns by mail or over the Internet. (SiliconValley. com)

A First
Volvo, in Industry First, Turns to AOL To Spread Word on Its Latest Vehicle
Ford's Volvo is launching its latest car, the S60, completely online, in a test for the online ad industry and for AOL, whose displays will include banner and column ads on various pages. (WSJ) Paid subscription required.

Cyber SpouseSnooping
Suspicions Confirmed
As the Net has given people novel means of expressing their lust and devotion, it has also given spouses new methods of surreptitiously observing their partners’ lives online. Programs with names like Desktop Surveillance, Investigator, Prudence and Spector record what happens on a machine. Some track browser activity. Others record every program opened, every file saved and every keystroke—including passwords. One product, Eblaster, can even e-mail screenshots from one PC to another. Often the target is unaware he’s being watched. (Newsweek)

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