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La Revue de Presse Francophone [ 2.11.2000 ]

A2Z, c’est pour bientôt ?
La nouvelle ère des appareils ménagers communicants n’attendait que ça : un nouvel acronyme déposé par une société new-yorkaise Questra, le A2B. Qu’est donc? Lorsqu'un frigo «intelligent» s’aperçoit qu’il ne contient plus de lait, il en commande automatiquement auprès d’un site d'achat en ligne. Il fait alors du «Appliance to Business», ou «appareil à business», du A2B. Les News Net

B2B, B2C, B2G, G2C...
Testez vos connaissances des acronymes! n/e/

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English Press From Around The Web [ 2.11.2000 ]

SMS: Daily News
Here's a Nagging Reminder: It's Time for your Medecine
WellMed, a Web company that delivers personalized health information to consumers, is offering a wireless messaging system that alerts users when they should be taking a dose of medication, getting a vaccine or even heading to the gym. NYTimes

Man fined for rude SMS
A Scottish man was convicted yesterday of sending obscene text messages on his mobile phone. The court heard how Callum Boyce, a farm worker, sent four foul messages inside half an hour to Peter Buller, a man he accuses of wrecking his marriage. The Register

Dotcom Monopoly
Hasbro launches internet-themed Monopoly game
On Wednesday, Hasbro Inc., the No. 2 U.S. toy maker, launched MONOPOLY, The dot-com Edition, which features well-known Web sites as the real estate properties for players.

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In its survey, NetRatings found that Bush got more visitors, 285,000, to his campaign site over the week ending Oct. 22, than did Gore who had 232,000 site visitors. [Newsbytes — November 1]

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Daryl Cagles cell phone jokes
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Chris Hiers
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