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La Revue de Presse Francophone [ 27.11.2000 ]

Services SMS
A Saint-Gall, le Natel sonne pour sortir les poubelles
[...] Pour lutter contre le chaos qui règne au niveau du ramassage des ordures dans le canton, le gouvernement va tester les SMS. Il rafraîchira la mémoire des personnes qui oublient de sortir leur poubelle en leur envoyant un message le jour du ramassage. (Tribune de Genève, édition de jeudi 23 novembre, page 9)

Les SMS contre le tabac
L'Office Fédérale de la Santé publique utilise le SMS dans le cadre de sa campagn anticigarettes. L'OFSP donnera des conseils via le téléphone protable à tous ceux qui désirent se libérer du tabagisme. Voir (en allemand). (Tribune de Genève, édition de jeudi 23 novembre, page 9)

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English Press From Around The Web [ 27.11.2000 ]

Scientist Raises New Mobile Phone Fears
Children who use mobile phones risk suffering memory loss, sleeping disorders and headaches, according to research published in the medical journal The Lancet. Yahoo News

UK Mobile Phones to Carry Health Warnings
All mobile phones in Britain will come with health warnings under new government guidelines to be rushed out ahead of Christmas, newspapers reported on Monday. Yahoo News

Computers 'could disable children'
Children could suffer neck, back and repetitive strain injuries from using computers, health experts warn. They say thousands of children have already been damaged by medical problems associated with computer use. BBC

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An estimated 52 million Americans have used the Internet to gain knowledge about diseases and treatment, according to a study by Pew Internet and American Life Project. About 55 percent of all Internet users users said they had sought health information. [ — November 26]

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