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La Revue de Presse Francophone [ 7.12.2000 ]
Bienvenue à, Oregon
La start-up, basée près de Philadelphie, a (officieusement) versé 75 000 dollars à la localité pour lui coller son nom pendant un an. [...] Au lieu de dépenser 2 millions de dollars pour un spot télévisé lors du Superbowl, comme trop de start-up dépensières, a fait parler d'elle dans les journaux télévisés. Le public a suivi. Le site est désormais le deuxième de sa catégorie en nombre de visites, juste derrière, selon la société d'études PC Data. Libération

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English Press From Around The Web [ 7.12.2000 ]

The domain that rocks': «.mu»
Entrepreneur David Sams will try to put sex appeal into a suffix Monday, when he begins registering domain names that end with ".mu." The new .mu top-level domain (TLD) is geared towards the rock'n'roll crowd or, as Sams puts it, "the 18-to- 24-year-old music lifestyle crowd." The Web site for the new «.mu address»,, is sprinkled with bikini-clad models together with a guitar, a speeding car, and the slogans "the domain that rocks" and "because .com is for old people." ZDNet

Miss the crush, shop by SMS
The first retail service to sell direct to customers through mobile phone text messages was launched in Britain yesterday. Each day, 12snap offers around 90 items - including concert tickets, travel and consumer electronics - for auction, with a text message alerting registered customers to specific deals according to their personal interests. The Guardian

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Last year about 86 percent of orders filled by Web-based retailers arrived on time. (Statistics on Online Shopping — NY Times — December 7]

Wise & Wired
One tap typping for cell phones - a different concept than Tegic's T9. Takes only 3K, and is quicker and more accurate. (Red Herring)

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