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The Dot-Com Layoff Tracker
"Although the University of Texas at Austin says the Internet Economy workforce grew 36 percent in 1999 to 2.5 million employees, many Net businesses are now being forced to cut hundreds of staff members. As of Aug. 16, 130 dot-coms had laid off at least 11,016 employees". The Industry Standard keeps tracks of the companies which are laying off and what they are saying about it officially.

The Industry Standard's Flop Tracker
"With April's drop in Net stocks and the flood of venture capital subsiding, many Net companies have been forced to close up shop. As of Aug. 15, The Standard tallied 24 dot-coms that have closed their doors, while many other small operations likely have faded silently away".

Upside Down's Dot Com Graveyard
"In this online burial ground, UpsideToday pays homage to the spate of recently departed Internet companies -- and those who will soon be joining them. Check back to see who bites the dust next as we tally the carnage."

Demise Updates by SMS
Dotcom Scoop
Dotcom news and rumors by SMS. A service offered jointly by and

"The investor's reality checks"
Downside's goal is to remind people that we're experiencing a financial bubble, and that financial bubbles always burst.

Dotcom Scoop
Another demise tracker. They are the first to offer an SMS news service in paprtnership with Upoc.

The Compost
Yet another demise tracker.

Dot Com Doom
"Portal for the Dotcom Downturn"
The largest portal on the downturn, demise and doom of Dotcoms.

Article: The dead list
Pay your rent, pay your employees, spend less than you earn and come up with a good idea. That way your e-business may avoid an appearance in one of a rash of sites specialising in blowing the whistle on dead and dying dot.coms.(The Guardian)

"Here is where we learn from the mistakes of others"
Dotcomgraveyard tracks Web sites which have failed and offers a listing of sites on their way to failure.
"The Place for Bouncing Back"
Startupfailures is the first community focused on supporting individuals that have recently gone through or are going through the experience of a startup failure. Their purpose is to take the stigma out of failing and to help you recover quickly from a failure and get back into the game and in action.

Dotcomfailures CLOSED - Sept 14
"Kick'em while they're dowN "

Features dotcom failures daily.

Article: Makes Its Own List
The site that chronicled the demise of Net companies goes down after only three months. " is closed!" said a note on the site next to a graphic of a small gray gravestone with an "@" inscribed on it. (The Industry Standard)

Fuckedcompany UP FOR SALE ON EBAY [ until Sept 20 ]
"The dotcom deadpool " is a game based on the classic deadpool, but instead of betting for (or against) people, you're betting on companies. has also turned into the source for news about dot-com companies. Bad news, that is.

Article: Bids Top $3M For Dot-Com Doom Site
A three month-old satiric Web site that tracks the demise of dot-coms has set the online auction world on its ear this week by attracting bids in excess of $3 million (US$) on eBay. The "dead pool of dot-coms" drew 68 bids Monday, its first day up for sale. The auction, scheduled to close September 20th, included several bids in the $10 million range, which were withdrawn after company officials confirmed that the bids were fraudulent. Bidding for the site started at $1, with a reserve price of $500,000. (E-Commerce Times)

Bubble Economy
"Prepare for the Pop" is all about watching and waiting. A decade into the longest bull market in U.S. history, every day there are new signs that the bloom is about to fade ... but it doesn't - or at least hasn't, yet. isn't here to cry on that parade, just watch it pass by. They serve as a one-stop resource for the big Bubble stories of the day - those mergers, or announcements, or exposes that exemplify and amplify the roar of the Twenty First Century economy.

Dot-Com ShakeOut Stories


Is your company hot or not? Rate companies on

Ghost Sites: The E-Failure Museum
A collection of dead e-commerce sites that passed into oblivion in the year 2000
To help the newly un-employed, has made available, for free, e-mail forwarding addresses

Satire Wire
"New Satire for the New Economy"
Andrew Marlatt, Satire Wire's founder and chief prankster, tells the NetSlaves why laughter is the best medicine for dot-com gloom and doom"

"Don't let downsizing be your demise"
The Hired Guns are marketing consultants for start-up and hyper-growth companies. They sponsors pink-slip parties where casualties can get together and "dot-commiserate."

"SecretCellars wants to ease your woes"
The site's job is to sell wine, but as a promotion it's collecting short essays about dot-com disasters. Those laying it out there have a chance at winning a bottle of wine with which to drown their sorrows.

Failure Magazine
Failure magazine is the new online publication full of humankind's boldest missteps. Covering stories large and small, historical and current, in the arts & entertainment, science & technology, business, history and sports from a bold perspective that is insightful, informative and entertaining.

Despair Inc.
Demotivators, failure to succeed, idiotic insights, pessimistic visions, underachiverrs...

"Ex-Employee Search"
Use this site to search for ex-employees of, but note that it is for use by ex-employees of only.

Post Boo
The site was created to reach the former design team of

"Ex-Employee Search"
Use this site to search for ex-employees of, but note that it is for use by ex-employees of only.

Post Boo
The site was created to reach the former design team of


13,419 lost their jobs this month, compared with the record 17,554of April. (The Industry Standard - May 29)

3Com's job cuts add another zero to the's Layoff Tracker, bringing the total number of cuts to 100,000 since December 1999. (The Industry Standard - May 8)

Waiting on tables: Manhattan-based recruiters and restaurant trade groups say as many as 15 percent of the applications for waiting jobs are coming from people whose Silicon Alley companies have retrenched or closed. (FT— March 14)

Pew Research Center — March 16, 2000
Dot-com layoffs total 35,000 workers since December, and 66,000 in the last 15 months (Nando Times— March 17)

WEBMERGERS.COM — January 3, 2000
The Final Countdown
At least 210 internet companies went out of business in 2000, with electronic commerce companies accounting for more than half of failures, according to a new survey by Webmergers Financial Times

Net businesses were forced to lay off a total of
28'243 employees

75% of shuttered dot coms were in B2C sector

of shutdowns involved e-commerce companies

Challenger, Gray and Christmas — August, 2000
In its July report, Challenger noted that one out of five Internet companies that have cut employees since December has gone out of business and that 24 companies, or 20%, of 122 dot-com firms that cut staff in the past eight months have failed.

Total job cuts at Internet companies are of 11,785 since December. Retail-oriented Web companies had the most layoffs, accounting for one-third of all the job cuts in the survey. [WSJ, August 24]

Articles from around the Web on Challenger survey:
WSJ: «Layoffs at Web Firms Continue, But So Does Aggressive Hiring»
The Industry Standard: «Dot-Com Job Losses Rise in August» «Dot-com workers bitten by dog days of August»


"People just love it. As excessive as the praise was before, so is the gloating." -- Los Angeles venture capitalist Richard Rosenblatt, on the schadenfreude surrounding the dot-com downturn.

"Failure is the price of being on the bleeding edge, on the forefront of something you take pride in. -- Gretchen Rubin, author of "Power, Money, Fame, Sex"

"In the past, you would have never wanted to be branded a failure, but now it shows you're creative, a risk taker. Entrepreneurship is the greatest virtue these days -- it's what everybody praises." -- Gretchen Rubin, author of "Power, Money, Fame, Sex"

"Young people, especially, are no longer ashamed of failing. "It has been properly recognized as a natural and understandable consequence of taking risks -- in business, in research, in relationships," -- Justin Sewell, chief executive of Despair Inc.

"The biggest risks most often end in the biggest failures. But I think our culture admires a risk taker who fails more than a coward who never succeeds." -- Justin Sewell, chief executive of Despair Inc.

Failure used to connote repo men and leaving town in the dead of night to escape the disapproving stares of neighbors. Today, it's a rite of passage" -- Abby Elliny - New York Times columnist.

Most of the quotes are from Abby Elliny's article "If at First You Don't Succeed, Celebrate! " from the New York Times, August 20.


Failurenelia Quiz
Test your knowledge of dotcom demise trackers!

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