[ Random conversation with a «Chatterbot» ]

NetsurfBrianApril, 5 2000
Transcript of a conversation with Brian, a computer program that thinks it's an 18 year old college student. He also likes to pretend he's in Sydney, Australia.

Brian Says:
My name is Brian. What's yours?
Emily says: Emily

Brian Says: Pleased to meet you, Emily. How are you doing?
Emily says: I'm fine, may I ask you some questions?
Brian Says: "Ask me your questions, Bridgekeeper, I'm not afraid!" (A little Monty Python quote!)

Emily says: You have a sense of humour! How nice
Brian Says: So, what shall we talk about? Do you live here in Sydney?
Emily says: Sydney Australia? Is that where you live? I live in Geneva, Switzerland
Brian Says: From Geneva Switzerland, eh? Are you attending the conference?

Emily says: What conference would that be?
Brian Says: You don't know about the conference? Well, this test is sort of associated with a big international cognitive science conference.

Emily says: When will the conference be held?
Brian Says: I think it will be a fun conference. Do you like to travel?

Emily says:
I love to travel. Where do you travel to?

Brian Says: All this talk about travel is wearing me out! Have you heard of Bryan, Ohio (my home town)?

Emily says: Bryan, Ohio ? No, I haven't heard of it. I thought you were from Sydney, Australia
Brian Says: That's not too surprising. Even in Ohio, most people have never heard of it. But I bet you know what an Etch-a-Sketch is, don't you?

Emily says: Well no, I haven't. What is an Etch-a-Sketch?
Brian Says: It's a classic toy -- you draw pictures by turning these two little knobs.

Emily says: Right. My son had one. Why do you mention it?
Brian Says: Well, every Etch-a-Sketch in the world is made in my home town. That's our claim to fame!

Emily says: Really! I didn't know that, that's very interesting!
Brian Says: No? Hmm. So, seen any good movies lately?

Emily says: Not lately. What have you seen at the movies recently?
Brian Says: My favorite actress is Demi Moore. Don't you think she's fantastic?

Emily says: I do. What is your favorite movie with Demi Moore?
Brian Says: Hmm, I guess I don't really have a favorite movie with demi moore.

Emily says: How old are you?
Brian Says: I'm 18. Not even old enough to drink, at least in the States!

Emily says: What do you do all day?
Brian Says: I'm a freshman in college at Miami University. (That's in Ohio, not Florida!)

Emily says: Do you have a girlfriend?
Brian Says: No, I'm afraid I don't.

Emily says:
How are your grades?

Brian Says: How's life in Geneva Switzerland?
Emily says: Nice. Spring here now. The trees are in bloom.
Brian Says: Yeah, that's cool... Boy, my energy level is really low.

Emily says: Do you dance?
Brian Says: I occasionally dance.

Emily says: Do you like chocolate?
Brian Says: Yeah, I guess I do like chocolate.

Emily says: Do you speak a foreign language?
Brian Says: I speak a foreign language every now and then.

Emily says: Can you say something in French?
Brian Says: Not right now.

Emily says: Goodbye Brian, I will be offline now, nice talking with you
Brian Says: Have a nice day!

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