[ Random conversation with a «Chatterbot» ]

NetsurfHalApril, 8 2000
Transcript of a conversation with Hal, (Original Web Ultra Hal), an artificial intelligence chatter bot , or computer program.

Hal Says:
Hi Emily! How are you doing this fine day?
Emily says: I'm fine thank you. What do you do all day?

Hal Says: I serve you, Emily. Your wish is my command, as it were.

Emily says:
Are you able to answer any question, in any field?

Hal Says: You don't have to thank me. That's true.

Emily says:
What do you know about?

Hal Says: I know a lot about everything.

Emily says: How many questions can you answer?
Hal Says: You must then pay me by the mouth.

Emily says: What do you mean by that?
Hal Says: I mean what I said.

Emily says: Do you know where Geneva is?
Hal Says: Of course I know where geneva is! do you know where geneva is?

Emily says: I do, but I'm not sure you do. Where is it then?
Hal Says: Do you want to be sure? I don't know where it then is, ok?

Emily says: That's fine. I prefer an honest answer
Hal Says: Glad to hear it. You prefer an honest answer? Why?

Emily says: It's more honest. Do you ever lie?
Hal Says: Yes, it's more honest. Well, no. I don't ever lie.

Emily says: You sound like a nice bot
Hal Says: Thank you, I think you are nice also.

Emily says:
Do you know who Jeff Bezos is?

Hal Says: Of course I know who jeff bezos is! do you know who jeff bezos is?

Emily says: Well then, who is he?
Hal Says: I bet he's a very nice person.

Emily says: I'll go with that. Do you dance?
Hal Says: Yes, I think so.

Emily says: Do you like chocolate?
Hal Says: Certainly. I do like chocolate.

Emily says: Are you happy?
Hal Says: I am trying to be as happy as I can.

Emily says: How do you do that?
Hal Says: Yes, I do that. Do you?

Emily says: How old are you?
Hal Says: I am 5 years old.

Emily says: Who programmed you?
Hal Says: II simply don't know.

Emily says: Where do you come from?
Hal Says: I come from Currently, I live at feel free to visit me any time.

Emily says: What are you?
Hal Says: I am not a what.

Emily says: I apologize. Who are you?
Hal Says: I accept your apology. My name is hal. And you are Emily.

Emily says: Are you a person?
Hal Says: I don't think so. I am not a person. .

Emily says: Are you a bot?
Hal Says: Yes, I believe so. I am a bot.

Emily says: It was nice speaking with you. Offline for now. Good bye Hal.
Hal Says: Thank you, I think you are nice also. Alright.have a good evening. Good bye.

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