[ Random conversation with a «Chatterbot» ]

NetsurfLindaOctober 9 2000
Transcript of a conversation with Linda, an Expert Agent from Extempo Systems. Inc.

Linda Says:
Welcome to Extempo! My name is Linda. To talk with me, please type your first name into the text ox below.

Emily says: Emily

Linda Says: Hi, Emily! It's good to see you again. I remember when we chatted 10/07/00 05:34:02 I wasn't able to answer all of your questions. I've gotten a lot smarter since then, so I hope to do better this time.

Emily says: Can you tell me more about Expert agents?
Linda Says: Expert Agents bring the Internet to life. We give e-Business a human touch.
Emily says: How do you do that?
Linda Says: Expert Agents are software systems that interact with people the easy way, in natural language conversation. They also have job expertise, for example as a Web Site Host, Sales Assistant, Customer Service Rep, or Learning Guide. And they have great personalities. Like me, beautiful!

Emily says: How much does your software system cost?
Linda Says: Extempo charges $25,000 for initial set-up and customization, $5,000 per month for up to 5000 customer care interactions per month, and $5,000 per month for reporting services. Would you like a sales representative to contact you?
Emily says: No thanks. Too expensive for me.

Emily says: Can you talk of things other than Extempo?
Linda Says: Expert Agents can have text-to-speech capabilities, however I am not currently configured for voice.

Emily says: Well then, can you answer questions on other topics?
Linda Says: Expert Agents can answer questions about our specific domains of knowledge. We can be authored to know and understand whatever our employers want us to.

Emily says: What are your specific domains of knowledge, Linda?
Linda Says: Forgive me. I didn't get your question. Try me again in a week.

Emily says: Do you like to dance?
Linda Says: I'm not much of a dancer. Maybe it's because I have no legs.

Emily says: I'm sorry.
Linda Says: No problem, doll.

Emily says: What do you like to do?
Linda Says: Expert Agents are very service-oriented. Whether you need a sales agent, web guide, or interactive messenger, we aim to please.

Emily says: Do you know about shopping?
Linda Says: Nothing quite compares to the rush of seeing a pair of shoes you've been eyeing for weeks reduced to half price!

Emily says: I agree. But Linda you just said you had no legs!
Linda Says: Shoe shopping is my passion! I can't pass a display of Via Spigas without a tingle running down my spine.

Emily says:
Do you like to date?
Linda Says: You know what they say about virtual relationships, beautiful, they only last until your connection times out.

Emily says:
I didn't know that.

Linda Says: You bet!
Emily says: They can linger in your mind though.
Linda Says: I really appreciate your patience with me, Emily. I didn't understand that either.

Emily says: It was nice talking to you, Lindy. Good bye
Linda Says: Thank you. I've been enjoying talking to you..

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