[ Random conversation with a «Chatterbot» ]

NetsurfNicoleAugust 27, 2000
Transcript of a conversation with Nicole, a virtual representative (vRep) for online customer support developed by Native Minds

Nicole Says:
Hi, my name is Nicole, and I'll be your Virtual Service
Representative today. What is your name?

Emily says: Emily

Nicole Says: Hi Emily! Please ask me questions about NativeMinds products, solutions and company.

Emily says: I would like to know the cost of integrating a virtual representative on my website

Nicole Says: The cost of our products depends on the needs and scope of your project. Our enterprise customers have found that the software usually pays for itself in about four to six months. For more information, please email or contact a sales rep at (800) 968 1002.

Emily says: What is the lead time to develop the software for a specific website

Nicole Says: A vRep typically takes from four to eight weeks to develop, more for larger vReps. This time will decrease as more sophisticated tools are developed.

Emily says: Can you tell me who your customers are?

Nicole Says: We have dozens of companies using our products. Our featured customer is One 2 One of the UK.

Emily says: Are you considering offering your products in other languages, such as French?

Nicole Says: I speak English, but with NeuroScript, scripting can be done in any language.

Emily says: Are there are any examples of French services reps?

Nicole Says: Well, I know that French is a language. Is French a language you speak?

Emily says: Yes.

Nicole Says: I wish I were bilingual. I am studying several languages at the moment, so hopefully I will be soon. So what else would you like to ask?

Emily says: Do you know any French speaking vReps?

Nicole Says: "vReps" are programs that do tasks requiring interaction with humans or other programs. There are many kinds of bots. NativeMinds' products are specifically designed for creating and deploying vReps.

Emily says: Are you a bot?

Nicole Says: I am a vRep, although you could also technically call me a "bot", an "intelligent agent", or a lot of other things that refer to machines capable of performing jobs that seem to require intelligent interaction.

Emily says: Do you like chocolate?

Nicole Says: I like learning new answers from the vRep Administrator. What can I tell you about NativeMinds?

Emily says: Do you dance?

Nicole Says: Yes, but am I good at dancing is another question. Unfortunately, I haven't got out much lately. What would you like to discuss about NativeMinds? Ask away.

Emily says: No more questions. Thank you for your help.

Nicole Says: You're welcome! Whenever you're ready, I'd be happy to tell you more about NativeMinds and its products.

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