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How many Online [Combien sommes-nous en ligne]

China: Only 14percent of people in China know what the Internet is, and nine in ten have never used a computer, results from a Gallup-Fortune survey released Wednesday said. According to Chinese government figures, the country's Internet population nearly doubled from 2.1 million at the end of 1998 to four million in June. (Techserver - September 22)

How Many Online? Per Nua Survey, as of the end of June 99, we are 179 million online. (Nua Survey - September)

The number of Europeans using the Internet is expected to jump from 34 million last year to 121 million by 2004, according to Fletcher Research. The research firm said that Germany will be the biggest single market with 30 million users followed by the U.K. with 25 million. Together with France, Italy and Spain they will account for 75% of Europe's Internet market. ( - August 4)

As of June 99, we are 179 million online worldwide, according to Nua Surveys

Another 35.2 million people worldwide will gain access to the Internet this year, according to a study released July 7, bringing the total number of active Internet users to 130.6 million. More than to 75 percent of the world's Web sites are in English. ( - July 8 )

The number of Chinese citizens with access to the Internet is expected to grow from 2.1 million to more than 6.7 million over the next year, a new reports finds. (Wired News - June 28 )

The number of people over 16 in the United States and Canada using the Internet has climbed to 92 million with almost as many women as men online according to a new
survey released June 17. (Techserver - June 17)

Cisco estimates that 60 million people now join the Internet every six months. (BBC- June 15)

About 270,000 of the 10.3 million Czechs had regular access to the Internet at the end of last year, mostly at work, according to a recent study by the International Data Corp published in the daily Lidove Noviny. The number is expected to rise by between 34 and 41 percent per year through 2002, the report said. ( - March 3)

The number of people surfing the Internet globally is set to top 250 million in 2002 and 300 million in 2005, a report published by market analysis firm Datamonitor said Monday. ( - March 1)

Fifty-five percent (13.5 million) of Canadians have Internet access, 41 percent (11.3 million) have connected in the past three months, and 26 percent (7.6 million) use the Web each week, ComQUEST found. Weekly usage is up 160 percent from a 1996 survey, and the company expects 33 percent of Canadians to use the Web on a weekly basis in 1999. (CyberAtlas - February 23)

Nearly 3 million people, 33% of the population, are connected to the Net in Sweden, with a growth rate of 36& in the past year, according to RelevantKnowledge and its Swedish partner, Sifo Interactive Media. (NUA Survey Internet NewsFebruary 9)

As of January 1999, NUA Survey's educated guess is that we are 152.75 million online.

E-Mail [E-Mail]

Approximately 48 percent of U.S. consumers said e-mail was the primary reason to go online. ( September 30)

The number of e-mail messages sent on an average day in the US was 300 million in 1995 and will hit 3.5 billion this year. By 2002, the traffic will total 8 billion messages. (Businessweek print edition "The Internet Age"- October 4)

Are local print newspapers headed toward a troubled future? Editor & Publisher Company (E & P) conducted a survey of 53,000 'Net surfers at 75 online newspapers, and found that while checking e-mail remains the major focus of 91 percent of those polled, reading newspapers comes in at a close second with 82 percent. (Newsweek July 5)

Cisco estimates that e-mail now outnumbers regular post by 10 to one.. (BBC- June 15)

The average office worker must sift through 30 e-mails, 22 voice-mails, 18 pieces of regular mail, 15 faxes and 11 Post-it notes every day (ABC News- May 3)

CNN, The Associated Press, National Public Radio and The Washington Post are among the news organizations receiving dozens of daily e-mails from inside Yugoslavia. The missives run the gamut from calls for peace to descriptions of destruction to poetry. Tom Reid, London correspondent for The Washington Post, said he began receiving 30 to 50 e-mails per day once the Kosovo bombing commenced on March 24. At AP, anywhere from 50 to 100 e-mails per day were arriving through its Web site, The Wire. Some of the writers send as many as five e-mails per day about the continuing conflict. (Techserver - April 17)

An increasing number of companies snoop on their employee's e-mail, computer files and phone calls, according to an American Management Association survey. The share of firms checking e-mail rose to 27% this year from 20% in 1998 and 17% in 1997, according to the survey. The AMA survey also found that overall electronic monitoring of e-mail and other communications rose to 45% from 35% in 1997. The AMA said that about 84% of companies that do monitoring tell their employees of the practice. (Techserver - April 14)

In recent days, electronic mail attacking the NATO bombing campaign has been lobbed by at least 25 computers in Yugoslavia, clogging the in-boxes of well more than 10,000 Internet users , mostly in the U.S. (WSJ - April 8)

A report just published by Frost & Sullivan entitled «Internet/Intranet Online » has concluded that e-mail has moved right alongside the telephone and fax as a primary means of business communications in the US and Canada. As of the end of last year, e-mail was actually surpassing the telephone as a tool for business communications. According to the report the total number of e-mail mailboxes installed worldwide reached approximately 112.4 million in 1998, up from 48.7 million in 1997. (CNNfn - March 30)

An employee who spends one hour a day reading personal e-mail and browsing non-work-related Web sites costs a company an average of $35,000 a year in lost productivity, according to a 1998 report from the Saratoga Institute, a Santa Clara, Calif., human resources researcher. ( - March 24)

Americans spend more than 30 minutes daily managing the deluge of messages they receive, based on a study by Casio PhoneMate, compared with the roughly 40 minutes they say they spend each week in meaningful conversation with their children (USA Today - March 2)

MORE E-MAIL THAN SNAIL MAIL DELIVERED IN '98 - per a study by E-Marketer (CNNfn)

Supporting Stats:

81 million Americans use e-mail, at least occasionally

The average American sends or receives
26.4 e-mail messages every day

On a daily basis, the total number of e-mail messages sent by U.S. internet users is
2.1 billion (81 million X 26.4 messages/day = 2.1 billion)

In addition to this
2.1 billion figure, another 7.3 billion "commercial" e-mail messages are sent, and -- you guessed it -- over 96% of these represent SPAM

For Perspective:

There were
107 billion pieces of First Class Mail delivered in the U.S. in 1998

84% of net surfers use e-mail to communicate

On average, people receive
twice as many e-mails as they send on a given day

There are now
263 million e-mail boxes worldwide, and over 100 of these are managed by ISPs (Sources: Electronic Mail & Messaging Systems and the Yankee Group)

When the House Judiciary Committee and then the full House considered articles of impeachment, as many as 1 million e-mails came storming in each day to both the House of Representatives and the Senate, compared with the average 80,000 that generally show up daily. (The Washington Post - January 26)

Since Nora Ephron's romantic comedy «You've Got Mail» opened in movie theaters last month, some online dating sites report as much as a 30 percent surge. (Techserver - January 16)

E-Commerce [Commerce Electronique]

U.S. consumers spent $7 billion in 1999 on travel on the Internet up from $2.6 billion in 1998, according to e-travel research firm PhoCusWright Inc. It expects that figure to top $20 billion in 2001. (MSNBC - January 13)

B2B. The healthcare industry will reach $370 billion in online transactions by 2004 according to a report from Forrester Research.

Total online sales for health and pharmacy-related consumables reached $1.9 billion in 1999 (E-Commerce Times - January 12)

U.S. consumers spent $7 billion in 1999 on travel on the Internet (MCNBS - January 13)

As the holiday e-nickels are counted, an Ernst & Young survey indicates that the total e-commerce take will surpass estimates by reaching between $10 and $13 billion. If the figures do hold, 1999 will deliver a tally that is 300 percent higher than 1998's $4 billion. E-Commerce Times
Sales at are expected to crest 1 billion in 1999 (Time - December 27)

The company's net loss could be $ 350 million this year alone (Time - December 27) sells 18 million items. (Time - December 27)
The company will reach $ 4.5 billion in sales this year - an industry that's all of four years old. (Time - December 27)
The company will reach $ 4.5 billion in sales this year - an industry that's all of four years old. (Time - December 27)

The company has 7.7 million registered users bidding on on some 3 million items. (Time - December 27)

How Many Billions? Online Numbers Vary. It depends on whom you ask. Estimates range from $4 billion (by Forrester Research Inc.) to $9 billion (from Boston Consulting Group) to as much as $15 billion (from Ernst & Young). WSJ - December 6)

UPS, plans to ship some 300 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas, up slightly from last year. (WSJ - December 1)

About $36 billion is likely to be spent at Web "e-tail" stores this year, up145 percent from 1998.That estimate comes from, a trade association for online retailers. (The Washington Post - November 28

Funeral industry carves niche on Internet. About 35,000 caskets were sold via the Internet last year, only a fraction

Online shoe sales of all sellers last year amounted to less than $48 million barely a 10th of 1% of the $37 billion Americans spent on footwear, according to Forrester Research Inc. This year, Forrester expects online shoe sales to total more than $121 million. (WSJ - October 28)

The financial impact of site outages : A Zona Research analysis finds slow performance costs e-commerce sites $362 million per month. (The Industry Standard - September 27) sees its sales this year topping $1.25 Billion. (ComputerNews Daily - September 28)

Yahoo! Auctions lists more than 770,000 items daily in 3,500 categories. (Internet News - September 23)

Online consumer spending in the last two months of this year is expected to total $6 billion according to research released September 21 by analysts at Jupiter Communications. (Tipworld newsletter - September 22)

Over 42% of B2B E-commerce Web sites online 3 years or more and which participated in research by ActivMedia say their site is profitable. Of sites online less than 1 year, 27% said they were making money. ActivMedia also reported the average first-year income for a b2b e-commerce site was $94,000 while those operating three years or more took in nearly $30million, on average. (Tipworld September 20)

B2B. The value of business-to-business e-commerce conducted in the U.S, will soar to approximately $1.5 trillion by 2004 from an estimated $114 billion this year, Goldman Sachs estimated in a new study. (WSJ - September 16)

The online toy market estimated at $43 million in 1998 will grow to $1.6 billion within three years, say analysts at Gomez Advisors. "Online toys in 1999 will be what online books were in 1997," said Gomez's Liz Leonard.

New and used automobile sales initiated via the Internet will rise from three percent of all U.S. auto sales in 1999 to 20% in 2002 according to a new Gomez Advisors forecast. (Internet News - September 3)

Greenfield's "Surfing Seniors" study found that 92 percent of Web users over age 55 have used the Internet for window shopping and 78 percent have made a purchase online. The online shopping numbers for seniors are significantly higher than those by the Internet population in general, Greenfield Online found. (Cyberatlas - August 31)

Software Piracy: The SIIA studied the three most popular online auction sites -- eBay, ZDNet and Excite -- from August 15th to August 20th and found that 60 percent of the software auctioned was illegitimate. (E-Commerce Times - September 1)

Over 2 billion orders will be placed over the Internet this year, however, merchants are not well positioned to meet the increasing volume of business, according to Forrester Research. As a result, there will be widespread demand for order fulfilment solutions. (NUA Survey - August)

The collective user base of eBay, uBid, and Onsale, grew from 750,000 in 1997 to 3.4 million in 1998. eBay says its user base now stands at some 5.6 million. ( - August 16)

A new study from Greenfield Online found that online purchases and online "window shopping" fell 3% in the second quarter of 1999. The research firm found that 83% of those surveyed had shopped online in the second quarter, compared 86% in the first quarter. It was the first time the index fell, Greenfield said.(ZDNet - August 2)

More than 25 percent of people buying used cars and trucks from 67 percent tap into the Internet to research their purchase according to a study released August 2nd. ( - August 2)

In a survey for its report "Real Numbers Behind the Online Retail Industry," 96 percent of the Web sites surveyed indicated that fraud is of little concern. Only 4 percent of the sites in the survey said they regularly experience fraud problems. Larger online businesses with higher revenues, see more online fraud than average, the survey found. Fraud rates hover just under 2 percent at companies with more than $25,000 in revenues in 1988. (CyberAtlas)

The percentage of World Wide Web shoppers who are women as jumped in the last 12 months, to 38 percent from 29 percent, according to a new study. (NY Times - July 12)

Slow download times at online shopping sites could place at risk as much as $4.35 billion in U.S. e-commerce revenues each year, says a report released early July by Zona Research. (CNN - July 6)

35.2 percent of business-to-business Web sites are currently operating at a profit with an additional 19.1 percent, expecting to be in the black in the next twelve months, according to ActivMedia. (NUA Survey - June 30)

Market researcher International Data Corporation believes revenue commerce conducted over the World Wide Web will top staggering $1 trillion by 2003 Tipworld newsletter - June 28)

Dell generates $18 million a day in online revenue selling new computers on the Internet. ( - June 28) said that purchase requests to its Accredited Dealer Network are now resulting in car sales of more than $24 million per day, or $1 million an hour. (Internet News - May 28)

Amazon vs ebay (Business Week May 31lst)

Customer base:
8.4 million
Profitability: – $124.5 million
Brand recognition:
52% (101 million U.S. adults)

Customer base:
3.8 million
Profitability: $2.4 million
Brand recognition:
32% (63 million U.S. adults)

This year, online counterfeit sales may total as much as $25 billion world-wide, or 10% of the total counterfeit market according to the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau of the International Chamber of Commerce. That’s about double the amount of legitimate online retail sales in the U.S and a major threat to an industry that lives and dies on brand identity. (MSNBC - May 16) allows members to earn money from the Internet economy to support their favorite causes either by choosing from one of the more than 4631 causes already supported by their members, or you can list one of your own. I-give has raised, on behalf of their members, over $297319 to more than 4631 causes

A new industry study by Intermarket Group's says the top 100 e-commerce sites spent an average $8.6 million each last year to build their online brands and drive traffic to their Web sites. (Internet News- May 5)

Internet auctioneer eBay has posted an auction for real people. In April, a seller listed a complete team of 16 Internet service provider engineers, opening the bidding at $3.14 million (Wired News - April 27)

In Inc the online reseller of discounted airline tickets and other services, said Monday (April 26) that more than one million people used its services during its first year in business. ( - April 27)

When Andy Wang put his Impression Webzine up for sale on eBay, he intended it as a joke. He purposefully set the minimum bid at $ 3miilion, thinking no one would bid on the site.
But by 7 p.m. PT, Wang already had
three bids. ( - April 23)

In 1998, American companies had $43 billion worth of sales to one another over the Internet five times the consumer retail total, according to Forrester Research. Within four years, Forrester says business-to-business sales online will reach $1.3 trillion, or 9.4 percent of corporate America's purchases. (NY Times - April 19)

As parents know--and businesses are figuring out--kids are avid Netheads. According to Teenage Research Unlimited (TRU), a Chicago market research firm, 81% of teens use the Net. Kids use it to research, download photos, and shop. (Fortune - April 12) said it's the most frequently visited and fastest-growing automotive Internet service, according to Web audience researcher Media Metrix.'s audience reach was estimated at 2.1 percent of the Net's users, in ratings gathered last December. The researchers also said the vehicle site was one of the 15 fastest-growing shopping areas on the Web. (Tipworld newsletter - March 12)

Sales of CDs and tapes online increased 500 percent in 1998 , from the previous year, to an estimated $200 million International reported. The researchers estimate online music sales equaled .5 percent of the worldwide total , but that figure will reach eight percent within the next five years , Bloomberg reported. Direct delivery of music, through downloading online, will be worth as much as 15 percent of total Internet sales by 2004, the report said. (Tipworld newsletter - March 10)

Sales of CDs and tapes online increased 500 percent in 1998, from the previous year, to an estimated $200 million , London's Market Track International reported. The researchers estimate online music sales equaled .5 percent of the worldwide total, but that figure will reach 8 percent within the next five years, Bloomberg reported. Direct delivery of music, through downloading online , will be worth as much as 15 percent of total Internet sales by 2004 , the report said. (WSJ - March 11)

IDC expects 103.2 million PCs to be shipped from factories in 1999, an increase of 14.3 percent from 1998. (News.Com - March 9)

When Adam Glickman, founder and president of Condomania, opened his first condom store in New York City in 1991, he envisioned a chain of retail stores. Until he set himself up on the Internet. Since last year, the company's online sales have surpassed store sales. "We are averaging over 4,000 people a day and are shipping products all over the world," says Glickman. (Newsweek - March 9)

The age group with the highest concentration of online buyers is the 50 to 64 segment, at 27%; the fastest-growing segment is 65 and over -- just 4% last year, but up to 16% this year. Altogether, 68% of online buyers are over 40, according to a survey released last month by Ernst & Young and the National Retail Federation. (CNN - March 5) offers a daunting number of choices in every conceivable area -- there are 497 toothbrushes listed over 14 pages. (WSJ - March 2)

CompUSA distributes electronically over 131,000 software titles from almost 2,000 publishers. (Tipworld - January 27)

Customers are expected to spend $7.1 billion on sales via online auctions over the next four years, Jupiter Communications said in a report. Online auction buyers in the United States will grow to 6.5 million in 2002 from 1.2 million in 1998, representing 11 percent of the total online shopping population in 2002. (Internet News - January 26)

According to Market research firm eMarketer "only 43% of business Web sites in the US actually sell products and services online." Most of them do not have e-commerce functionality. 38% of large companies are engaged in some form of electronic transactions, the percentage falls to 12% for medium-sized firms and less than 2% for small businesses. (Tipworld newsletter - January 13)

Advertising [Publicité]

350 million francs will be spent on online advertising in France this year and by 2000 that figure will have doubled to 700 million francs. (Excite News - November 22)

Some Internet companies are paying more to advertise on January's Super Bowl telecast they have generated in revenue and have helped push the average commercial price to a record of about $2 million. (Techserver - November28)

Advertising on the SuperBowl: According to a report issued in March by Forrester Research spending on auction sites will grow $1 billion in 1998 to an estimated $2.3 billion this year. While none of the auction sites knows how many people have turned electronic auctions into full-time jobs, Ebay estimates that it has about 10,000 "power sellers," who sell merchandise for $2,000 to $25,000 or more each month. (NY Times - September 9)

The top 10 online publishers accounted for 75 percent of advertising revenue in the first quarter, according to the latest report from the Internet Advertising Bureau. (Tipworld - August 20)

U.S. Internet advertising spending will jump to $11.5 billion by 2003 from $3.2 billion this year with expenditures exceeding the money spent in some traditional media, a Jupiter study says. ( - August 18)

The top 50 Web sites on the Internet are taking in 95 percent of all advertising dollars spent on the medium, although they represent only 1.1 percent of Web publishers, an Internet advertising research group said June 15. ( - June 16)

Interview: Interrupting Barbara Walters's and Lewinsky's sex-laden discussion were spots - which cost $800,000 apiece - for Victoria's Secret lingerie and Maytag washing machines, the latter of which announced, "Say goodnight, stains." (Newsweek - March 5)

The Super Bowl, which last year drew about 133 million viewers, is one of the year's premier advertising opportunities, and time is priced accordingly. This year, 30-second spots on the game being broadcast by News Corp.'s Fox TV are going for about $1.5 million. (Excite News - January 27)

Online Trading [Trading en Ligne]

An analysis commissioned by NASAA of 30 randomly selected accounts at the Massachusetts office of All-Tech Investment Group showed 70 percent of customers lost money and only 11.5 percent showed the ability to conduct profitable trading. ( August 9)

A recent research report from securities firm Credit Suisse First Boston showed online stock deals surging by 47 percent, to 500,000 deals a day between the fourth quarter of 1998 and the first quarter of 1999. ( - July 6)

Data released by Piper Jaffray from the first quarter, shows a wide range of fees charged by the top five online brokerages, with Schwab the most expensive of the group - leading the way with nearly 28 percent of the market. (Newsweek - June 2)

Trades per day,:

Schwab 138,250
ETrade 65,800
Waterhouse 57,800
Datek 50,345
Fidelity 49,981
Ameritrade 41,252
DJL Direct 19,062
Discover 13,838
Suretrade 11,000
NDB 6,580
others 42,166

E*Trade Group Inc., the third largest U.S. Internet broker, said Monday it had reached one million custsomers accounts, benefiting from the growing popularity of online trading, as it added more new accounts in the first three months of 1999 than it did in all of 1998-. ( - April 26)

Charles Schwab Corp., the nation's largest discount and Internet brokerage,, which signed up 388,000 new accounts in the quarter and now has 5.9 million active accounts . Revenues rose to a record $951.6 million, up 57 percent from $604.4 million a year ago. ( - April 15)

Average trading volumes are expected to rise at least 25 percent in the first quarter. Internet brokerages should process a record number of around 425,000 trades a day in the first quarter, up from 340,000 a day in the fourth quarter. ( - March 3)

There are now over 7 million online traders, moving billions of dollars worth of stock a day. They comprise one-third of Nasdaq volume, and between 10 percent and 15 percent of total stock market retail volume. And that's just a couple years into the game. ( ( - March 2)

The number of consumers complaining that they were defrauded online went from 1,280 in 1997 to 7,752 last year, according to Internet Fraud Watch, an online fraud reporting system created by the National Consumers League. (Techserver - February 23)

Charles Schwab Corp., the nation's largest discount brokerage, said Tuesday its customers funneled 153,000 trades a day through its Internet site in January, up 65 percent from 93,000 a day in the fourth quarter. ( - February 15)

The number of individual online trading accounts in
Japan reportedly rose almost 10 percent in January, from December. Figures disclosed by brokerages indicated there are 37,400 active online accounts , Bloomberg news reported. The number of online brokers in the country held steady in January from December, at 10. In the U.S. Gomez Advisors, estimates there are 100 online brokers. (Tipworld newsletter - February 16)

The number of online brokerage accounts almost doubled in 1998 to 7.3 million. Piper Jaffray Inc. research analyst Stephen Franco said the accounts represent more than $420 billion in assets. Franco's other findings: online brokerages averaged 337,000 average trades daily, and 27& of individual investors' trades were conducted online. (Tipworld newsletter - February 5)

Charles Schwab, the largest U.S. online and discount brokerage, said its Web site recorded more than one billion hits in January as trading and research by customers over the Internet surged. (News.Com - January 29)

Online trading companies logged an average of
340,000 stock and mutual fund trades a day in the fourth quarter of 1998, up 34 percent from the second quarter, according to published reports (Internet News - January 29)

An estimated
5 million amateur investors now do at least occasional trading over the Internet (USA Today - January 27)

Charles Schwab & Co. said it logged an average
93,000 trades a day in the fourth quarter. Online trades made up 61 percent of its business, the firm said, rising from 41 percent last year. (Tipworld newsletter - January 19)

AOL [America Online]

AOL's worldwide membership base has exceeded 19 million in October and AOL stated that it has added more than 5 million members in the past year. (Internet News - October 25)

AOL Europe, a unit of America Online Inc. and the largest Internet access provider in Europe, said Thursday its German membership has exceeded 1 million subscribers, making it the first AOL service outside the United States to surpass the million-member mark. ( - October 17)

In the fourth quarter of 1999, ended in June, AOL added 685,000 new United States members up from 523,000 in the same quarter of 1998. AOL's flagship service has more than 18 million members worldwide. (NY Times - September 22

About 45 million people including 15 million AOL subscribers now use Instant Messenger. the company said. ( - August 24)

AOL announced August 17 that worldwide membership in its online services topped 20 million users, with 18 million members of its AOL service and about two million CompuServe subscribers. AOL, the leading Internet media company, said its membership growth is ahead of last summer's pace. This year, membership climbed from 17 million to 18 million members in 125 days, compared with last summer, when it took 133 days to add one million members to reach 13 million.More than 50% of AOL accounts now log on at at lest five days a week , and nearly one-third are using the service every day of the week, AOL said. (Techserver - August 17)

AOL earnings nearly tripled in its fiscal fourth quarter as the firm added more than 750,000 new members to its flagship online service. (WSJ -July 22)

An asstounding
39 percent of the time Americans spend online is spent using services AOL controls, 10 times the share of its nearest competitor, Microsoft. AOL expects to hit $5 billion in sales this year, more than the next 20 Internet companies combined and roughly the size of NBC's. And the company's market value of $110 billion is bigger than that of any other media concern in the world. (NY Times -July 4)

America Online said Tuesday it has more than
3 million subscribers outside the United States, just three years after it ventured outside American borders. The Dulles, Virginia, company said its international subscriptions have been growing about 47 percent faster than domestic sign-ups. The company also pointed out that it took 10 years to reach the 2 million mark in the United States. (Wired News - January 26)

America Online said the number of subscribers to its online service has grown to 16 million. AOL said the increase to 16 million subscribers from 15 million was the fastest addition of one million subscribers in its history. The company reached the 15-million mark in December (Wall Street Journal - February 10)

Mirabilis, an AOL-owned company that produced ICQ - Internet-speak for "I Seek You" - announced January 8, that it had 25 million registered users , 11 million active, daily users and up to 800,000 simultaneous users chatting away at any one time.

Y2K [An 2000]

Approximately 5 million people will work overtime in the United States night through Saturday morning to monitor computers and networks, according to estimates from International Data Corp.

More than 30,000 threats from hackers and virus writers who say they will release new viruses to herald the New Year and the new millennium have been logged by the FBI and other law enforcement groups, said Lou Marcoccio, worldwide research director at the technology consulting firm Gartner Group. ( November 2)

Anti-virus companies have been warning that malicious programmers will take advantage of Y2K fears to slip viruses into users' hands. So far, researchers have identified four rare Y2K related viruses. (ZDNet - October 26)

Anti-virus companies have been warning that malicious programmers will take advantage of Y2K fears to slip viruses into users' hands. So far, researchers have identified four rare Y2K related viruses. (ZDNet - October 26)

While most U.S. computer scientists expect the Y2K computer bug will be a non-event in the United States, nearly half said they would not fly on New Year's Day according to a poll of 209 computer science professors conducted by the Sienna College Research Institute. (Yahoo daily News - August 25)

COST OF Y2K UPGRADES: Citigroup Inc. said it expects to spend about $950 million. Chase Manhattan Corp. estimated its bill for this year alone at $158 million. Wells Fargo & Co. expects to spend $325 million. In all, the nation's 15 biggest banks now project a combined year-2000 bill of almost $3.51 billion, (WSJ - August 19)

Ninety-nine percent of the US's federally insured banks, thrifts and credit unions haver completed
for the Year 2000 computer bug. (NY Times - August 3)

Up to 40 percent Asian businesses may still be unprepared in December to tackle the computer millennium bug, market research firm International Data Corp (IDC) said August 2. (Techserver - August 3)

Nearly one in 10 big multinational companies won't have finished work making their computer systems safe from the year-2000 by the time the turn of the century rolls around, a new survey found. The survey, prepared by CIO Communications Inc., found that 33% of the firms polled said they were behind schedule, while another 8% said they wouldn't finish their year-2000 work in time. (WSJ - July 28)
The U.S. government raised to at least $8.06 billion its estimate June 15 of how much it expects to spend fixing the year-2000 computer problem. $1.3 billion more mate than it predicted just three months ago. (WSJ - June 16)

79% of US consumers expect the Y2K bug to have 'little to no impact' on their personal finances, according to a Gallup Poll. (Nua Survey - May 25)

AT&T will have spent $650 million through 1999 to prepare the phone company's network for any potential problems when the year 2000 begins, putting it ahead of most phone companies. The company says it is confident that it has adequately protected its network. (WSJ - April 14)

The government raised its estimate by $400 million$ to $6.8 billion for fixing the Year 2000 computer problem among federal agencies, and said costs are expected to rise again. The company said it reviewed all microprocessors installed in cars and trucks it assembles over the last 15 years and none will be affected by any problems. (NY Times - March 18)

General Motors Corp. said Thursday that total spending to prepare the company's computer systems for the year 2000 is forecast at between $710 million and $780 million. The company said it reviewed all microprocessors installed in cars and trucks it assembles over the last 15 years and none will be affected by any problems. ( - March 11)

Wall Street will spend about $100 million on intensive computer testing designed to simulate trading conditions right before and after the beginning of the year 2000 to head off operational problems. (WSJ - March 2)

In a single day, 282 people dial a federal government hotline to ask if they might get stuck on an elevator. Another day, 136 people want to know if the nation is going to run out of food. Some 50,000 Americans have called a toll-free number (1-888-USA-4-Y2K or 1-888-872-4925) set up a month ago by the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion to address worries about the millennium bringing computer failures that wreak chaos across the nation. (Techserver - February 3)

Visa said it still receives 100 to 150 reports a month that credit cards have been declined by point-of-sale systems because a card's expiration date is in the year 2000. (TechWeb - January 25)

Our year 2000 will be the year 5760 on the Jewish calendar, 4698 on the Chinese calendar, 1421 on the Islamic calendar and 1922 on the Indian calendar.

Estimates of the number of pilgrims who will visit Rome in 2000 run as high as 25 million -- five times the number in a regular year. last year. (Techserver - January 20)

Bill Gates / Microsoft [Bill Gates / Microsfot]

Bill and Melinda Gates topped the list of charitable givers donating $ 16 billion. in 1999. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the money went to endow the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (ZDNet - January 3, 2000)

The Justice Department said it has spent $12.6 million, less than one-tenth of one per cent of its budget for such matters, in litigation against Microsoft Corp. since late 1989. (ZDNet - October 8)

In by far his biggest philanthropic commitment to date,Microsoft chairman and co-founder Bill Gates is pledging at least $1 billion to fund full scholarships over the next 20 years for minority students in education, math, science and engineering.(NY Times - September 16 )

Foundation officials said the couple has now given more than $5 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in each of the first three quarters of 1999. a favorable opinion of Microsoft, down from 67 percent just a year ago. (Yahoo Daily News - August 23 )

MICROSOFT POPULARITY: In a new nationwide survey, 60 percent of the people who use a computer at work or at home said that they had a favorable opinion of Microsoft, down from 67 percent just a year ago. (NY Times - August 2 )

The American Forbes magazine's annual list of the world's richest people says there are now
over 400 billionaires, who own more wealth than ever before. Three of the top five are connected with the software company, Microsoft. The top spot goes again to Microsoft chairman Bill Gates - worth more than $90bn, almost twice his total last year. (BBC - June 21)

In what is considered the lagest gift ever by a living person to a foundation, Bill Gates, and is wife Melinda French Gates announced a gift of $5 billion to the William H. Gates Foundation. ("Gateses Give $5 Billion Gift" NY Times - June 2)

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates saw his net worth rise another $3.5 billion dollars yesterday, to an estimated $83 billion. (Tipworld newsletter - January 21)

Telephony [Téléphonie]

Italy now has more cell phones than telephone lines, a feat thus far only achieved by Finland ( IHT August 6, page 4)

Percentage of population that has cellular phones, as of Dec 31, 1998 ( IHT August 6, page 4)

1. Finland .................

2. Norwoay ................ 48.1%

3. Sweden ................ 48.0%

r. Hong-Kong ............ 44.0%

5. Iceland .................. 38.3%

6. Italy ...................... .36.3%

7. Israel ..................... 35.4%

8. Denmark ................ 33.8%

9. Australia ................ 32.2%

10. Portugal ............. 31.5%

18. United States ................ 24.7%

99%of Finnish 18 to 24-year-olds, own a private mobile phone. ( Time Magazine May 10, page 24)

Every year, the ATT wireless unit fields roughly 15'000 subpeonas for phone records. Cell-phone records are in hot demand because unlike standard phone records, they give prosecutors and private litigants a glimpse of of local calling patterns and a way to trace the location of a suspect. That is proving handy in cases from drug busts to matrimonial disputes. (WSJ Print Edition) - March 17)

Companies can keep us waiting on the phone 20% longer if they play the right kind of music, new research reveals. (BBC - February 10)

Makers of wireless phones sold a record 162.9 million units world-wide last year, a 51% increase from 107.8 million units in 1997, according to a closely watched industry think tank. (Wall Street Journal - February 8)

With 2.9 million cell-phone subscriptions, the number of mobile-phone subscriptions in Finland has surpassed the number of traditional fixed-phone subscriptions. (The Wall Street Journal print edition - January 30)

Domain Names [Noms de domaines], an Internet "incubator'' in Los Angeles, is paying $ 7.5 million to a Houston entrepreneur for the rights to the domain name (NY Times - December 1) The seller of, a Houston entrepreneur named Marc Ostrofsky, bought the name in 1997 from an Internet service provider in Europe for $ 150'000.

Network Solutions said it added 1.3 million new Internet domain names in the third quarter of the year. The company said that's a gain of 160 percent from a year ago. At the end of September, Network Solutions said its cumulative total of Net registrations was over 6.5
(Tipworld newsletter - October 29)

Prudential's new Internet banking arm, Egg, paid £ 60 000 for (This is London - October 6) sold for $823,456 Friday August 6 at online domaine broker In May sold for $1 million to a Venezuelan company and last year Compaq Computer paid $3.35 million for the name for it's AltaVista seearch engine. ( August 8)

Network Solutions reported it processed 230,000 international registrations for Internet domain names in the first quarter of this year, a 135 percent gain from the previous year. (Tipworld newsletter - May 26)

A Wired News investigation found that the .com versions of nearly all popular words have been taken. Of 25,500 standard dictionary words we checked, only 1,760 were free. The result: The once-fierce pace of domain name registration is slowing. In the last month, only about 100 new dictionary-word .com domains have been snatched up. (Wired News - April 14)

Surprise, surprise: The Net has grown 45 percent in the past year. Twice a year Network Wizards crawls the Web counting the number of domains. As of January, it found 43.2 million domains, up from 29.7 million 12 months ago. (The Industry Standard - March 1)

As of the end of January 99: Total domains registered worldwide : 5,012,287 Total number of .com domains : 3,008,941 (Domain Stats - February 2)

Page Views [Pages Lues]

More than 5 million people have logged onto a Web site ( where the eggs of eight models were being auctioned Monday to parents wishing for beautiful babies. (USA Today - October 26)

Macabre photographs of a Florida execution posted on the Internet have prompted the repeated shutdown of the state's supreme court computer system as millions log on to gawk and give their views on capital punishment. Normally, we get about 7 million hits a year but we certainly had had several million alone during the two weeks after the photos were posted," court spokesman Craig Waters said. "We still haven't recovered." (ABCNews - October 25)

Cisco, the company behind NetAid was able to download successfuly 99.69 percent of the requested pages. More than 2.4 million streams of the concerts in Geneva, New York and London were seen on in more than 160 countries (Telecom99 Daily - October 14)

According to a recent survey by CyberAtlas, 4 out of 5 people who visit a site, never come back. (CyberAtlas- October ) had 33.4 million visitors during August, while welcomed 29.3 million. In third place was (MSFT) with 28.1 million followed by with 21.4 million and with 19.8 million. (According to a web traffic report from Media Metrix - (Tipworld September 20)

Hurricane Floyd. A Weather Channel spokeswoman said the site attracted more than 15 million page views Monday, compared with 12.64 million during last year's peak. (WSJ - September 15)

Research by MediaMetrix for US newspaper LA Times shows that surfers now spend almost 20% of their time on the Web visiting only the top 10 sites. A year ago, the figure was 16%

Microsoft (MSFT) said its MSN-hosted chess match featuring Gary Kasparov has delivered more than 6 million page views in its first four weeks. (Tipworld newsletter - July 23)

Since Queen Elizabeth II launched the British royal family's Web site in March 1997, it has averaged 3 million to 4 million hits a week from around the world. (Techserver- July 22)

Microsoft (MSFT) said its MSN-hosted chess match featuring Gary Kasparov has delivered more than 6 million page views in its first four weeks. (Tipworld newsletter - July 23)

Our Web site had 265,000 visitors and approximately 2.5 million page views during March 1999, Red Hat said in its filing.

Kasparov vs the World: Kasparov opened the tournament Monday in New York, on a giant board in Microsoft's Gaming Zone, the Web site acting as host of the tournament. It immediately began fielding countermoves from around the world and registered more than 2 million hits for the day. The World Team's first move was chosen by 41% of those voting. (CNN- June 23) Tuesday June 22 made its first appearance among the 10 most popular Web sites as measured by researcher Media Metrix. The e-tailer's site attracted almost 11 million unique users during May. (Tipworld newsletter- June 22) a web portal established and run by VA Linux Systems, received more than 25 million hits in its first month of operation. 3 of those 25 million came during the site's very first day of going live. (E-Commerce Times - June 17)

The Motley Fool web site averages averages 45 million impressions each month in the United States. ( - May 12) has more than 140 million page views a month and 9 million monthly subscribers at US$25 a pop. (Wired News - April 15)

By some calculations, there are more than 145,000 pages citing Pamela Anderson Lee of them hawking products or services. That works out to about 0.1% of the 150 million Web pages indexed by the AltaVista search engine. As a percentage, that doesn't sound like much. But it is the equivalent of walking into the New York Public Library and finding that 13,300 of the volumes there are written about her. (MSNBC - April 13)

What do airstrikes on Yugoslavia have in common with Monica Lewinsky? Both have driven record levels of traffic to the Net. CNN Interactive said that traffic to its site on Wednesday reached its second-highest level to date, with about 30 million pageviews from visitors around the world. Only Sept. 11, 1998 - the day the Starr Report came out - surpassed that number with 34 million pageviews.

There were more than
25,000 participants in the CNN chat room on Kosovo during Wednesday's chat hours. cited
1.43 million unique visitors/FONT> to its Web site Wednesday, similarly making it the second-highest traffic date since its launch in 1996. The site's Starr Report coverage on Sept. 11 attracted 1.94 million unique visitors. said it recorded
2.9 million pageviews Wednesday, only slightly higher than its daily average. (The Industry Standard - March 25)

If the audience for the telecast of the Oscars didn't set a record, the producers of the Web site say their traffic was historic. From Saturday through Monday, more than 1.5 million users came to the site, generating 12 million impressions , a spokesman said. (Tipworld newsletter - March 23)

Notwithstanding the ethical and public-relations concerns of investment banks, analysts say the most successful of the more than 40,000 pornography sites currently operating on the Web generate profit margins of between 30% and 40%. And they're very popular. One-third of all people surfing the Internet drop by a pornography site, according to Media Matrix, a Web-research firm that measures Internet traffic. (WSJ - March 5)

More than one in four Americans (29 percent) have used the Internet to gather medical information about diseases or treatments for themselves or a family member. However, women (33 percent) are much more likely than men (24 percent) to do so, according to a survey of 1,000 people commissioned by Schwarz Pharma, a Wisconsin-based affiliate of a German pharmaceutical company. (Tipworld - March 6) came in at the No. 4 spot in a ranking of January 1999's most popular Web sites, according to "Top 25 Digital Media/Web Properties" and Web-site ratings from Media Metrix, a New York-based market-research firm. recorded 19.9 million visitors, Media Metrix said, right behind Yahoo with 29.1 million visitors, with 29 million, and with 21.1 million. GeoCities, which held the No. 4 spot in December, was bumped to fifth. (Wired News - February 22)

Since July, the Raging Bull's membership has grown from 5,000 to more than 66,600. The number of page views hit 1.3 million on one recent day -- up from two million page views a month . Meanwhile, Motley Fool tallies about 1.1 million users every month, more than double six months ago. Online financial magazine's paid subscriptions have more than doubled to 36,000. And Go2Net Inc.'s Silicon Investor nears record-breaking numbers with two million users every month posting about 400,000 messages. (WSJ - February 18)

More than 1.5 million cyber surfers tuned into the Webcast of the Victoria's Secret fashion show, company officials said Thursday. By comparison, the leading e-commerce Web site,, drew about 7 million visitors in December, Net Ratings says. (USA Today - February 5)

Sixty millionn Americans used Dr. Internet last year, and more than 90% found the health-care information they wanted, according to a newly released survey. (SJ Mercury News - February 11)

Downloads [Téléchargements]

Seti@Home: More than 1 million people have volunteered to use a "screensaver'' computer program that is helping search for extraterrestrial intelligence researchers said Tuesday. The program, designed by a team at the University of California at Berkeley, analyzes data gathered by a radio telescope in Puerto Rico. ( - August 17)

Netscape estimates its browser is used by 32 million non-English speaking users and is available to 200 million in 125 countries. Netscape's browser is available in 23 languages. Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser comes in 26 local versions ( - June 24)

About 40 percent of all software programs in use worldwide in 1997 were pirated copies, resulting in a loss of $11.4 billion and 130,000 American jobs, according to a report. The study, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the Business Software Alliance, shows that piracy is the single most important barrier to growth of the industry (NYTimes- April 30) said 100,000 users registered to use its free service in its first month. offers a fax number to individuals so they can receive faxes in their own e-mail account. CEO Rudy Prince said the service processed almost 250,000 pages during the period. (Tipworld newsletter - March 12)

The official Star Wars site counted 1 million downloads of the the latest Star Wars trailer within 24 hours of its posting. (USA Today - March 16)

Search Engines [Moteurs/Annuaires de Recherche]

The popular Internet search engine and Web portal AltaVista, has 45 million users worldwide
a month,
with 18 million in the United States and 15 million in Europe. ( - December 8)

According to a 1999 NEC Research Institute study, the Web was estimated to have 800 million URLs, with about a million new pages added everyday. The study also found that search engine coverage of the Web has decreased substantially since December 1997. As of July 1999 no engine was able to index more than 16 percent of the Web. (Fox News - September 22)

70 percent of all Web sites are found via search engines. (Fox News - September 22 )

AskJeeves receives 1.5 million queries per day, at a rate of 1700 per minute, (Fox News - September 22)

According to a 1999 NEC Research Institute study, the Web was estimated to have 800 million URLs, with about a million new pages added everyday. The study also found that search engine coverage of the Web has decreased substantially since December 1997. As of July 1999 no engine was able to index more than 16 percent of the Web. (Fox News - September )

ALTAVISTA, NORTHERN LIGHT: Plan to launch multimillion-sollar TV Ad campaigns: AltaVista: Ad Budget $50 million to $100 million. Launch nov NorthernLight Ad Budget $12 million to $24 million.launch sept. (WSJ - August 2 )

Internet search engines aren't keep pace with the explosive growth of the Web, researchers reported July 8 in the journal Nature.Their study found that search engines cover a diminishing fraction of Web pages and more than six months on average for a new Web page to make it into a search engine's listings. The most comprehensive engine, Norther Light , covers only about one-sixth of the Internet pages that search engines can reach, the study found. That is down from one-third for the best engine 18 months ago. Northern Light is closely followed by Snap and AltaVista. HotBot, which led with 34 percent coverage in the previous study, was down to 11 percent. (CNN - July 8)

The search engine size wars may be about to heat up again, with Northern Light now claiming it has the largest index of the Web. In contrast, the reported sizes of the search services puts AltaVista first, at 150 million, web pages followed by Northern Light at 122 million web pages, and then Inktomi with 110 million pages. (Search Engine Report - February 2)

Education [Education]

The number of people taking undergraduate and graduate courses online will increase from 710 000 last year to 2.23 million, in 2002 and account for 15% of all higher education students. (Business Week print edition "The Internet Age" - October 4)

President Clinton announced that more than half of the nation's public classrooms are now connected to the Internet, and that he expects 100 percent to be online by the turn of the century. (New York Times - March 2)

Thanks to the Internet, IDC reports that the number of
college students enrolled in distance-learning courses will reach 2.2 million in 2002, up from 710,000 in 1998. (Cyberatlas - February 9)


AOL, August 9 said that the number of users of its online community ICQ has tripled to more than 40 million since it acquired the company last year. Seven million people use ICQ daily, with nearly 85% of the users under the age of 35. (Internet News August 9)

ICQ, an Internet messaging service that has quietly amassed 28 million members, adds about 90,000 registrations daily, and the average user spends about 69 minutes a day using it. ( - February 21)

Technology [Technologie]

According to San Jose, Calif.-based Dataquest, Dell’s share of the U.S. market jumped to 17.1 percent, while Compaq’s share slipped to 15.3 percent. (Tipworld newsletter - October 25)

More than one million households in the United States and Canada now subscribe to cable modem services according to the publisher of Cable Datacom News. Approximately 70 percent are in the United States. On average more than 2,500 new cable modems are now installed each day, The data estimated that at the end of Jun,e ExciteAtHome had 620,000 customers while Road Runner counted 340,000. The balance was served by independent cable operators and Internet Service Providers. (Tipworld newsletter - August 2)

Sony Corp said AIBO, its robotic dog sold out in Japan 20 minutes after going on sale exclusively over the Internet June lst. 3000 Aibos were sold at $2,066 each

All Senators and 94 percent of the House of Representatives have official websites according to an American University study released May 4th. (NY Times - May 5)

Almost two-thirds of top 100 Web sites are presented in multiple versions, adding at least 25 percent to the cost of developing these Web sites. (Internet News - April 9)

IDC expects 103.2 million PCs to be shipped from factories in 1999, an increase of 14.3 percent from 1998. (News.Com - March 9)

Media [Média]

The New York Times on the Web said it reached 10 million registered users. Over the past three months, the site has added 1.5 million unique registered users. (USA Today - December 8)

According to Editor & Publisher magazine, 2,224 newspapers in the USA and Canada have sites on the World Wide Web,more than double the number two years ago. Another 1,500 overseas newspapers are on the Web. (USA Today - December 8)

A survey of newspapers with online versions reported 10% are profitable and 12% are breaking even (Tipworld newsletter - May 31)

As the number of Web sites has proliferated, the amount of original material on the sites has grown as well. Only 11 percent of respondents who worked at magazines with Web sites said that the sites had less than 5 percent original content, down from 27 percent in 1997. Newspaper respondents reported a drop to 22 percent from 39 percent in 1997. (Tipworld newsletter - March 10)

Monicagate [Monicagate]

57% say they see Monica as a child, just 33% think of her as an adult - and 51% believe she still has damaging secrets that she hasn't told about the president. According to a Newsweek Poll, only 8% of those surveyed said they had a better opinion of Lewsinky after the interview, and 21% thought worst of her. (Newsweek print edition - March 15)

More than 1.5 million different people visited the Web site the day of, and the day after, its TV network broadcast the two-hour interview with Monica Lewinsky. Site general manager Katherine Dillon also said 12,000 users posted messages on bulletin boards focused on the interview, and there were more than 200,000 accesses of video clips of the interview. (Tipworld newsletter - March 6)

74 million viewers' tuned in Wednesday night to watch Barbara Walters interview Monica Lewinsky. (Newsweek - March 5)

Music Industry [L'Industrie de la Musique]
Internet measurement firm Media Metrix Monday reported that an estimated 4 million people in the U.S. listened to digital music in the month of June. Winamp has grown to almost 2 million users, while RealNetworks' RealJukebox player has grown to over 2.2 million users. (Wired News- August 10) is not the only online company offering MP3 technology, but it has emerged as an early leader. Its Web site contains more than 56,000 songs from over 11,000 artists -- one of the largest collections on the Internet, the San Diego-based company said. ( - May 16)

Almost 2,300 radio stations can be heard on the Internet, according to a Web-based directory service. BRS Media said a year ago there were 1,252 stations online, compared with its latest count of 2,261. Half are located in the United States and Canada, 900 are international, 50 are radio networks and 185 are exclusively on the Internet. BRS Media President George Bundy said 56 stations were on the Web three years ago. (Tipworld newsletter - April 19)

The Recording Industry Association of America, an industry trade group, released figures showing the number of counterfeit compact discs made illegally in U.S. facilities rose to about 338,500, up 163 percent from 129,000 in 1997. The number of pirated CD recordables in the United States, or recordings illegally made on blank discs through Internet downloads and other means, rose 103,971, from a scant 442 in 1997. The figures reflect products that were confiscated on street corners, in flea markets, retail outlets and via Internet sales, the RIAA said. Pirating CDs severely hampers the $13.7 billion U.S. record industry's ability to control distribution and retail royalties. (SJ Mercury News - April 8)

E-Romance [Romance en ligne]

Online dating services will earn $25 million in 1999, according to Forrester Research. The biggest free online romance site, Love@AOL, says 1.3 million visitors log on every month to shop its 120,000 photos and read the personal ads of partner wannabes., another popular site, has registered 1.5 million lovelorn members since 1996, and its active membership totals about 100,000 - at $12.95 per month. (ABCNews - April 6)

Online Gambling [Le Jeux en ligne]

Online betting is a multi-million dollar business, especially in the United States, which is home to half the world's Internet users. As with most forms of e-commerce it is boom time. According to estimates, the global market will be worth $10bn in 2000 - and $20bn by 2002. (BBC - April 12)

Viruses / Piracy [Virus / Piratage]

U.S. Customs agents report that American companies are losing losing $ 200 billion each year to piracy over the Internet. The global software industry alone lost $11 billion to piracy in 1998. The group estimates that 38 percent of software applications installed worldwide are stolen. (E-Commerce Times - October 5)

Computer virus and "worm" attacks on information systems have caused businesses to lose a total of $7.6 billion in the first half of 1999 more than five times the amount businesses suffered during all of 1998, according to research firm Computer Economics.The $7.6 billion figure
lost productivity and repair costs reported by the company.The 1998 figure of about $1.5 billion also included "intrusions" to corporate systems, in addition to general virus attacks. (Yahoo Daily News - June 18)

The Chernobyl computer virus reportedly damaged 360,000 computers in China and caused about one billion yuan (US$120 million) in economic losses, according to the official China Daily newspaper. South Korea said late last month the virus had hit 240,000 PCs and Indian industry officials said it had affected or 10,000 to 15,000 computers in New Delhi alone. (Yahoo News - May 7)

More than a week after it first appeared - and with the arrest of the suspected virus writer - the macro virus Melissa and its record-setting rampage across the Internet has largely abated and the statistics are impressive: More than 300 companies reported infections, and at least 100,000 PCs were affected, according to the Computer Emergency Response Team, or CERT, Coordination Center at Carnegie-Mellon University. (ZDNet - April 4)

Demographics [Démographie]

Women accounted for 49 percent of Internet users during the fourth quarter of 1999, up from 43 percent in the first quarter of 1998, according to AdRelevance. (Techserver - January 23)

The number of adults using the Internet in the United States has surpassed the 100 million mark. (NY Times - November 10)

According to Web audience measurement firm Nielsen/NetRatings, 49.5 percent of all Internet users in the United States are women. (Wired News- November 8)

More that 50% of adults in five U.S. cities log on to the Internet, according to a report from Scarborough Research in New York. Washington topped the list, with 59.9% of adults on the Net. San Francisco (56.1%, Austin (55.5%), Seattle (53.3%) and Salt Lake City (50%) also have more than half of their adult population on the Internet. (Computer World - October 18)

In France, an estimated l220,000 consumers have signed up with free ISPs in the first two months of their availability, according to a study by the Benchmark Group ("NUA Survey / Le Journal du Net " CNN - July lst)

As of last fall, single men in Santa Clara County outnumbered single women by 5,372 according to a report from a marketing information company. When it comes to an overabundance of men, Silicon Valley even beats out Anchorage, Alaska a city often mythologized for its plentiful male population. (Newsweek "Sex and the Valley - June 30)

People over age 50 -- are the second-fastest-growing group on the Internet trailing only 16-to-24-year-olds, according to a study last year by Nielsen Media Research and CommerceNet. (Techserver - May 17)

Sex Online [Sexe Online]

Overcome by its fascination with pornography's domination of the Web, the press has overlooked the skin trade's leading contender: religion. On AltaVista, a search on the word "porn" produced 4,794,806 Web page hits while a search on the word "God" produced 6,396,150 hits. ("Religion trumps porn in Web popularity " CNN - June 30)

At least 9 million people visited a sexually oriented adult Web site every month of last year, according to one survey. ("Strangers in the Net" - Boston Globe May 27)

Lying is quite common on the Net. According to the San Jose cybersex study, about 60%of the 9,000 participants acknowledged that they lied about their age; 14%reported lying about some other detail of their persona and 5%admitted they lied about their gender.("Strangers in the Net" - Boston Globe May 27)

Almost three out of four respondents said they keep their on-line activities a secret from other people in their lives. ("Strangers in the Net" - Boston Globe May 27)

Hand Held PCs [Ordinateurs de Poche]

Dataquest estimates that over 5.7 million handheld computers will ship by the end of 1999 which represents a 47% increase on 1998 shipments, which totalled 3.9 million units. (Nua Survey - May 26)

Health [Santé]

There are an estimated 15,000 health-related Web sites (WSJ - October 6)

A recent survey by the Health on the Net Foundation, HON, found that 60% of users that access health information online areaged 40 or over. (NUA Survey - June 25)

There are 16,000 health information sites on the Web and 43 percent of Americans are using the Internet to search for health information. ( June 22)

Employment [Emploi]

After five months in business, Monster Talent Market says it has signed up 110,000 independent contractors andmore than 7,500 employers. (NY Times - November 39)

Telecommuting: Employers can save more than $10,000 per year for each worker that telecommutes according to a study by the International Telework Association & Council. An estimated 19.6 million people, or 10% of U.S. adults work from home at least one day a month during regular business hours, the association said. ( - October 28)

Xerox Corp. said it has fired about 40 employees this year in the U.S. for "excessive misuse of the Internet." The main problem was among employees who, while at work, viewed pornographic Web sites, gambled, bought and sold online goods. Xerox has 40 000 employees in the US with access to the Internet. (WSJ - October 7)

10 million people or 4,5% of the workforce, characterized themselves as telecommuters in 1998. By 2001, nearly 8% of the workforce could be telecommuters. (Business Week print edition "The Internet Age" - October 4)

The notion of being an independent contractor, with employers knocking on your virtual door, lucrative job offers in hand, holds such powerful appeal that more than 47,000 people have posted work profiles on's Talent Auction since it launched July 4. (Techserver- August 15)

An estimated 16 million resumes will be available online at more than 1,200 Web sites by 2002, according to a new report by Computer Economics. (NUA Survey- June 21)

Internet [Internet]

Stock Options and other non-salary perks are increasing in importance in hiring and retaining employees, according Interactive Week magazine. The percentage of outstanding shares allocated to Net-related company employees increased to an estimated 5.7 percent in 1999 from 3.9 percent in 1998. (Tipworld Newsletter - October 23)

Around the world, the number of people surfing the Net from home will surge from 97 million this year to 240 million by 2004. Business users will grow from nearly 53 million to 180 million (Business Week print edition "The Internet Age"- October 4)

By 2002, the number of computers connected to the Web outside the US will more than triple, to 61 million, versus 50 million in the US Today. The fastest growth is in developping nations (Business Week print edition "The Internet Age"- October 4)

According to a 1999 NEC Research Institute study, the Web was estimated to have 800 million URLs, with about a million new pages added everyday. (FoxNews - September 22)

How Wide is the Web? The people at the OCLC Online Computer Library Center have taken on the nearly impossible task of measuring the scope of the World Wide Web and found it has approximately 2.2 million Web sites that offer publicly accessible content. These sites contain nearly 300 million Web pages. (CyberAtlas - September 13)

Since the advent of the browser in 1994, the number of Web servers feeding information into cyberspace has exploded, from a few thousand in 1994 to more than 3.2 million by the end of last year. ABCNews - September 13)

Cyber Yugoslavia: was born on the Internet Thursday, September 9. The new "country" is home to 4,098 "citizens" around the world who are nostalgic for the former Yugoslavia, according to organizers. (Techserver - September 9)

A survey by a US based IT recruitment company has found that one in every three employees wastes time on the Internet. A group of 466 people with Internet access at work were asked "How often do you surf non-work related sites?" 32 percent said they surfed "a few times a day", 21 percent said "a few times a week" and 37 percent said "constantly". One in ten responded "never". according to a Nielsen Media Research study done for America Online Inc. (NUA Survey - August)

Nearly 6%of Internet users are driven by some kind of addiction a ABC study of Net surfers has concluded. (BBC - August 23)

Households with Internet access watch television about 13 percent less than those not plugged in according to a Nielsen Media Research study done for America Online Inc. ( July 19)

As of February the searchable Web consisted of an estimated 800 million pages containing more than six trillion characters. That compared with an estimated 320 million pages in Nature's December 1997 study. (WSJ July 8)

Banking Online [Transactions bancaires en ligne]

A new study finds that one-third of U.S. online-bank customers dumped their accounts in the last year, citing hard-to-use sites and bad service. (The Industry Standard - August 16)

During the first half of 1999, VentureOne says $6.3 billion flowed into 565 Internet-related startups more venture capital than the entire year of 1998 and more than 1997 and 1996 combined. (The Industry Standard - August 11)

Wells Fargo & Co. Wednesday said it has signed up 1 million Internet banking customers. (TechWeb - August 13)

According to IDC, a market research firm in Framingham, Mass., the number of people in the United States participating in at least one online banking function (such as viewing deposits, transferring money between accounts and paying bills) rose to 12.4 million in 1999 from 1.4 million in 1996. IDC expects that number to rise to 18.7 million by the end of next year. (Star Tribune - July 25)

Press [La Presse]

The New York Times on the Web said it reached 10 million registered users. Over the past three months, the site has added 1.5 million unique registered users. (USA Today - December 8)

According to Editor & Publisher magazine, 2,224 newspapers in the USA and Canada have sites on the World Wide Web,more than double the number two years ago. Another 1,500 overseas newspapers are on the Web. (USA Today - December 8)

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