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"On your mark, get set, go!" gushes a recent advertisement in a newsletter for direct marketers. "Available for the first time ever. Approximately 6 million unique customers, sliced and diced for you to target prospects, learn about a specific audience or retain customers ... Take this information and run with it." Network Solutions selling information from its domain-name database to marketers [WSJ— February 16]

Microsoft / Bill Gates
Denial of Service Attacks
Music Industry
The Olympics

"All we did was to try to take information that was hidden and bring it into the light, I don't think that's arrogance. That's a public service." Lawrence J. Ellison, Chairman and Founder Oracle.

"I don't know if we're alone in this. The Justice Department felt the need to investigate this company, too." Lawrence J. Ellison, Chairman and Founder Oracle.

"Left undisclosed, these Microsoft front groups could have improperly influenced one of the most important antitrust cases in U.S. history." -- Lawrence J. Ellison, Chairman and Founder Oracle.

"We will ship them our garbage. We will ship our garbage to Redmond, and they can go through it. We believe in full disclosure." -- Lawrence J. Ellison, Chairman and Founder Oracle.

"They're special [Microsoft], They're the only ones we've felt the need to investigate. They're the only ones who destroyed the most innovative company in Silicon Valley in the last decade -- Netscape." " -- Lawrence J. Ellison, Chairman and Founder Oracle.

DOJ vs Microsoft / Bill Gates
"We were aware of it immediately when it began. We tracked it in real time, knew what the person was doing" -- A Microsoft spokesman speaking to the WSJ

We realized the intrusion had grown to the level that warranted bringing in the FBI." -- Microsoft spokesman Rick Miller speaking to

"We start seeing these new accounts being created, but that could be an anomaly of the system. After a day or two, we realized it was someone hacking into the system." -- Microsoft spokesman Rick Miller speaking to

"It's impossible to say with absolute certainty that (source code) file has not been copied," -- Simon Perry, vice president of security solutions at Computer Associates International to

"My take on the case is a matter of public record. If my take is wrong, then perhaps somebody else ought to'' preside over further hearings. " -- U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson USA Today

"Microsoft as it is presently organized and led is unwilling to accept the notion that it broke the law or accede to an order amending its conduct." -- Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson in his ruling Wednesday June 7.

"The idea that somebody would say that breakup is a reasonable thing comes as quite a surprise to us, and we are quite confident that it won't be something that ever comes into effect." --Bill Gates.

"We have a very strong case on appeal, and we look forward to resolving these issues through the appeals process and putting this case behind us once and for all." --Bill Gates.

"Having that misguided lawsuit has drawn our team together. We had a lawsuit with Apple that was a waste of resources. I'd put this one in the same category." -- And when asked what two Microsofts might look like "That is a hypothetical question that fortunately I will never need to answer" -- Bill Gates

Microsoft told an appellate court that the trial judge had committed "An array of serious substantive and procedural errors that infected virtually every aspect of the proceedings" -

William H. Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, called the judge's ruling "an unwarranted and unjustified intrusion into the software marketplace, a marketplace that has been an engine of economic growth for America." -

"Microsoft's proposed remedy is neither serious nor sensible"-- Judge Jackson on arguing that Microsoft Corp.'s offer to change its business practices would do nothing to stop the firm's violations of antitrust law, and defended its own proposal to break up the company.

"If I was Bill Gates, I'd say '(s)ee you later, I'm retiring" -- One writer posted on the Motley Fool message board

"Now they will actually have to innovate rather than just copy code" --- Wrote one chatter, in Yahoo! 's StockWatch chat room

"The Microsoft corporate culture can be broken down into four key parts: a tremendous work ethic; Bill Gates is always right; an us-versus-them mentality; and Bill Gates is always right" --- Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Gartner Group

"This decree will not limit Microsoft's ability to add new features to its products or otherwise to innovate." -- Joel Klein, Justice Department Antitrust Chief

"Under our proposal, neither ongoing government regulation nor the self- interest of an entrenched monopolist will decide what is best for consumers. Instead, consumers will be able to choose for themselves the products they want in a free and competitive marketplace." -- Joel Klein, Justice Department Antitrust Chief

"These proposals will have a chilling effect on innovation in the high technology industry. Microsoft could never have developed Windows under these rules. Looking forward, this kind of regulation would make it impossible for Microsoft to develop the next generation of great software." -- Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said in a statement.

" We need to have our research people, our Office people, our Windows people all in one group taking breathtaking risks on this breakthrough user interface that is delivered in this next phase of the Internet. Any breakup of his company would be “a very inappropriate thing, even given the government’s unfortunate theory that innovation should be regulated.”" -- Bill Gates said, speaking by telephone to the AP, following rumors of Judge Jackson's ruling to split up the company.

"We wouldn't have Windows today if it hadn't been for the Office group and the Windows group working together. It was the thinking that was done, being in one company, going after a new user interface, taking a huge risk, that we were able to create Windows." -- Bill Gates said, speaking by telephone to the AP, following rumors of Judge Jackson's ruling to split up the company.

" This company, which has done so many great things for consumers and for the American economy over the last 25 years, will not be broken up. No matter what the newspaper headlines say, absolutely nothing in the current case justifies breaking us up." -- Steven Ballmer, Microsoft president and chief executive.

"There is nothing in the trial record or in this case that would justify such an extreme and radical remedy. This would be bad for Microsoft, consumers and the entire industry." -- Microsoft spokesman Jim Cullinan.

"It's like the witness protection program. They're trying to start afresh with a new name." -- Handspring marketer Rob Haitani, scoffing at Microsoft's third foray into the handheld world.

"I would guess that it's not going to be a big deal to Gates," Richard said. "He's past that and grown out of it...He's sort of been there, done that. It's in the same way Warren Buffet didn't care when Gates passed him seven years ago." -- Richard, senior managing director of J Richard & Co., a compensation firm that focuses on tech companies.

"Such a backdoor password is absolutely against our policy" Steve Lipner, Manager of Microsoft's security-response center, acknowledging that its engineers included in some of its Internet software a secret password -- a phrase deriding their rivals at Netscape as "weenies" -- that could be used to gain illicit access to hundreds of thousands of Internet sites worldwide. .

Messages posted in a discussion group following the news that the latest Microsoft browser, to be shipped later this year, adds features that don't comply with Web standards that Microsoft has pledged to support.

"Your betrayal of Web standards is an almost unparalleled event in cyberpsace"

"Please support W3C standards FIRST, before implementing proprietary (Internet Exporer) -only, Windows-only features"

"Our goal at Microsoft is to keep innovating, The best is yet to come." - Bill Gates, in a Microsoft TV commercial.

I don't think any kind of extreme remedy such as a breakup is at all consistent with what the court put forward. Common sense stands on our side'' -- Bill Gates told the BBC television's 24-hour news program after District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson on Monday found that the Redmond, Washington-based firm broke the law by abusing its monopoly power in personal computer operating systems, doing "violence to the competitive process."

"We've been vindicated. This ruling is great for consumers and for people who use technology. It will greatly improve America's technological leadership and the ability of small tech companies to do business." -- James Barksdale, CEO Netscape Communications

"Microsoft has been held accountable for its illegal conduct by a court of law" -- Attorney General Janet Reno told a news conference.

"I regret to announce the end of my efforts to mediate the Microsoft antitrust case."-- Richard Posner head of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago.

"My new role will allow me to spend almost 100 percent of my time on new software technologies" U.S. Bill Gates - Chairman and Chief Software Architect Microsoft.

"I think it would be absolutely reckless and irresponsible for anyone to try to break up this company. I think it would be unprecedented and the single greatest disservice to consumers in this country." --Steve Ballmer chief executive of Microsoft Corp. at a news conference at Microsoft's Redmond, Wash., headquarters.

"The nerds have won. This deal really validates the Internet" -- David Readerman, managing director of Thomass Weisel Partners, a San Francisco investment firm on the $172 billion merger of Internet Provider America Online and Time Warner.

"We really have two very strong software competitors going forward -- one that wants to give away software in order to gain subscribers, and the other that wants to give away subscriptions in order to gather software sales," -- Dawn Simon, anaylst at Brown Brothers Harriman, who feels the competition between AOL and Microsoft is heating up.

"Our goal is to establish AOL as a more important part of tens of millions of people's everyday life, and to do that, we have to move beyond the P.C. in the den." -- Stephen M. Case, America Online's chairman.

Denial of Service Attacks
"I think it was an alarm. I don't think it was Pearl Harbor" -- President William Clinton meeting with computer executives at the White House.

"Technically speaking, these attacks are one step up from spray paint on the highway overpass" -- Paul Saffo, of the Institute for the Future, describing the low-tech nature of the "denial of service" bombardments that wreaked havoc on may of the Web's most popular sites (Newsweek)

"We find that there are already ample words in the English language to describe such miscreants and call upon the media to define them by their actions, as they are all we know them by at this point," -- fumed the editors of 2600, The Hacker Quarterly

"We are still in the earliest stages of the Internet. We're on the frontier
now. For people to start crying out for more stringent penalties is to begin the invitation to regulation that is probably something we don't want, certainly not at this
stage." --
Lou Dobbs,

"The bottom line is there's no long-term effect here. "There's no impact on consumer confidence and no impact on the interest that companies have in doing business online… The financial effect here is going to be small." -- Charles Rutstein, senior analyst at Forrester Research

"This was an attempt to put a 'scare' into Internet stock holders". -- The alleged cracker's email said.

"The attacks were just completely different between those two days. "The people who did Yahoo are different than the people who did eBay and CNN." -- David J. Brumley, assistant computer security officer for Stanford

"Whoever did it had the presence of mind to learn about Yahoo! and its points of failure. That doesn't make the attack sophisticated, but it does tells us that whoever did it was very premeditated," -- Elias Levy, chief technology officer for security information firm

"Technology will change philanthropy. Nonprofits are at the risk of being left on the wrong side of the digital divide." -- Pete Mountanos, a former Microsoft executive who now heads, an online charity clearinghouse

Music Industry
"Napster has pointed the way for a new direction for music distribution, and we believe it will
form the basis of important and exciting new business models for the future of the music industry."
-- Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Middelhoff

"If you design a site... to enable infringment, you can't stand by and claim you don't know what's going on" -- US District Judge Marilyn Patel, who ordered Napster to shut down pending the outcome of a lawsuit claiming the service threatens the financial integrity of the music industry. The popular online music-sharing service apealed, arguing that it would be forced to shut down permanently, and was granted a reprieve (Newsweek August 7)

"The foundation on which these services are built is an unauthorized digital archive of the most valuable copyrighted recordings in the world. Frankly, it's astonishing that a publicly-traded company would behave so recklessly." -- RIAA general counsel Cary Sherman in a statement after suing


Congratulations, Estrada, you will go down in history as the first president to be ousted by text" — An SMS message sent out after the presidential defeat of Joseph Estrada over Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in the Philippines. [Newsweek — January 29, page 53]

"We are going through the harmonization process at the moment and waiting for an SAR (tandard for measuring specific absorption rates) measurement standard which is expected to be finalized by early next year" -- Tapio Hedman, Nokia Mobile Phones spokesman

"The future is not PC-centric. It's mobile phone centric." -- Nokia chief Jorma Ollila

"Regulation is censorship - one grown-up telling another what they can and cannot do or see. For me, the idea is horrific. Universality is the key. You must be able to represent anything on the web." — Tim Berners Lee.

"Seeking sex on the Internet may be a potential risk factor for STDs [and HIV]," -- according to the study published in Tuesday's Journal of the American Medical Association.

Idon't know anything about why that happened... I'm not an expert on computers" -- Al Gore, who once boasted that he invented the Internet, on how copies of his outgoing e-mail could have disappeared.

We were able to determine that one in five Web pages is 12 days old or younger [...] One in four Web pages is more than a year old-- Brian E. Brewington, one of two Dartmouth College computer researchers who have measured how quickly the World Wide Web is expanding,

"Instant messaging will be one of the key technologies shaping how we communicate in the future.'' -- Brian Park – senior producer for Yahoo's communication products.

"This whole industry runs on hysteria. It's just one mor press release about a virus that's probably going nowhere.'' -- Rob Rosenberger, webmaster of Computer Virus Myths in an interview in Wired on Anti-virus companies who are quick to alert the public to the latest virus. Are they just ambulance chasing?

"At home, where computers are considered marital property, husbands and wives have a right to see what is on the computer’s hard drive -- Denver attorney Steve Harhai on how lawyers might simply impound the computer of the wayward spouse, looking for incriminating photos and e-mail.

"There is no such thing as Internet divorce. The court refers to the laws in force. A request for divorce must be registered and recorded in the official register". -- said the chairman of Dubai's personal status court with regard to a "divorce mail" sent by a muslim man to his wife.

'' "I'm very concerned about children. Easily accessed pornography is portraying sex as a public event, disconnected from human commitment. It also offers a smorgasbord of aberrant behavior that without such suggestions might become ''self-extinguished,'' -- Donna Woods of the University of Michigan

''The Internet is revolutionizing sexuality. Cybersex is changing the definition of sexual compulsion, like crack cocaine changed the field of substance abuse.'' -- Al Cooper, clinical director of a sexuality clinic in San Jose, Calif.

"It used to be that '' could go public, but after this week, it's '" -- Joe Lassiter, professor, Harvard Business School

"Computer wizardry was in danger of creating a society without a soul. This technology is something that could ultimately devour us". - -- Archbishop David Hope in an interview with Conservatism, the quarterly journal of the Conservative Christian Fellowship.

Today's kids may be technically savvy but they are still children. They may understand computers but they are years away from understanding the harsh realities of the adult world.'' -- Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut before a Senate panel where parents were asking for help in protecting children and young adults from online predators who stalk, harass, kidnap or even kill.

We are being propelled into this new century with no plan, no control, no brakes,' the last chance to assert control -- the fail-safe point -- is rapidly approaching". -- Sun Microsystems Inc. chief scientist Bill Joy, in a heartfelt appeal published in the April issue of Wired magazine

"Sometimes people type faster than they think, but they believe that these messages are sort of transcient. It's a substitute for conversation when actually it's a written communication that can be used forever. People have to understand that e-mail is forever." -- Eric Arnum, Online Messaging Editor

"It used to be that '' could go public, but after this week, it's '" -- Joe Lassiter, professor, Harvard Business School

Online retail's honeymoon is over. -- Joe Sawyer, who authored the report "The Demise Of Dot-Com Retailers,"

"The next thing will be hackers using e-mail to hack into your database without you knowing, to get important pieces of information". -- Nick Galea, director of Malta-based GFI.

''Some virus creators do it for pure creativity, to see how tight they can get the code, how efficient it can be, how well they can hide it'' -- Brian Martin, who works for the security website, on why anyone would go to the effort of writing something so destructive.


"Some people are wrongly confused about the difference between dot-com bubble and new economy. The new economy is an enormous transformation of culture and institutions from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. That is seismic. — Katrina Heron, editor of Wired

"It's not that the new economy is a fraud. It's not that the Information Age isn't real. Can you think of a revolution that wasn't painful?"
— Katrina Heron, editor of Wired

"People just love it. As excessive as the praise was before, so is the gloating".. -- Los Angeles venture capitalist Richard Rosenblatt, on the schadenfreude surrounding the dot-com downturn.

"Failure is the price of being on the bleeding edge, on the forefront of something you take pride in. -- Gretchen Rubin, author of "Power, Money, Fame, Sex"

"In the past, you would have never wanted to be branded a failure, but now it shows you're creative, a risk taker. Entrepreneurship is the greatest virtue these days" -- it's what everybody praises." -- Gretchen Rubin, author of "Power, Money, Fame, Sex"

"Young people, especially, are no longer ashamed of failing. "It has been properly recognized as a natural and understandable consequence of taking risks -- in business, in research, in relationships," -- Justin Sewell, chief executive of Despair Inc."

"The biggest risks most often end in the biggest failures. But I think our culture admires a risk taker who fails more than a coward who never succeeds." -- Justin Sewell, chief executive of Despair Inc."

"Failure used to connote repo men and leaving town in the dead of night to escape the disapproving stares of neighbors. Today, it's a rite of passage. d understandable consequence of taking risks -- in business, in research, in relationships," -- Abby Elliny - New York Times columnist.

The Olympics

"Unless and until you can guarantee your internet signal is only available within your territory, you cannot put video on your website" — Dick Pound, chairman of the IOC marketing commission and chairman of the IOC internet working group

"Any business models that depend on controlling content are doomed,"" — Neil Bradford, managing director of Forrester Research UK

"You cannot put a lid on this, you cannot police it," — Phil Dwyer, of Jupiter Research Europe

"I don't think the I.O.C. can be seen in any way limiting speech about the Olympics." -- International Olympic Committee new media director Franklin Servan-Schrieber, on the decidedly un-Olympic ban the IOC has placed on Internet coverage of the Games, The New York Times, 25 September 2000




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